Screen shot modification

There are so many times when a potential buyer takes a screen shot of my ad, sends it to me, and asks me for a shipping quote. Of course, the id number and the price of the animal is not on the screen shot! I have around 300 animals available and it can take me 20 minutes to dig up the id number and price.
Why can’t MorphMarket arrange the ads so that when an interested buyer sends a screen shot, the id number and price is in the screen shot? Doing this would be very helpful. Thanks, WIll Bird


Hey Will :slight_smile:

Good idea, but I am confused as to why they would not just hit the “Inquire” button instead… that way you can get a rating for each animal you sell them and you don’t have to search?


“Thanks for your interest, please reply to the ad with your zip code and I would be happy to respond to your request.”


I know. And i agree. But many users prefer to screenshot and contact direct. I always ask them to hit inquire so they can review the sale. I want the reviews! But some people just send me screenshots. So.e times 3 or 4 with questions they want answered in one place. It would save me a lot of time if the price and id was on the screenshot. MorphMarket could save me time by doing this.

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Pretty sure screenshots are named based on the conventions setup on the device you’re using, the website you’re screenshotting really doesn’t affect how they’re named. I don’t think MorphMarket has any control over this

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I think Will just wants these bits of info to be within the screenshot.

But I wonder if this could be incorporated like a watermark for screenshots…

Showing breeders logo + animal ID in the corner :thinking:


I think maybe a “add animal” would work well here. Basically a Buyer-Seller basket between you and an individual seller.

For example, I have just purchased a bunch of LGs from a single breeder last month all through one inquiry…

It would have been great for them to be able to add the others to this message thread at the top here and show the combined total, which the seller could edit for a discount…

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It just happened again today. It is Easter SUnday. Someone has travelled to my state. They want to arrange a pick up. Instead of hitting inquire they call me, then text. I tell them to go to the site and inquire. They literally will not do it. I do not know why. The deal is not completed and I will continue to press them to inquire because I want the good review. My goal is to keep people on Morphm,arket, but these people act wonky. Just the way it is. And yes, a water mark will be fine. All I am asking is, since this website claims to be all about saving time for vendors, is to make it so that when these people send me a screen shot, the id number and price is visible. I did not think this was a high tech request. I thought it was simple. I also have no interest in trying to do some kind of “workarounds” with anyone. Even if they send me the screen shot I continue to ask them to hit inquire so that I can get my positive review! The is already motivation for sellers to continue to ask for users to hit the inquire button. I gotta break the news to you guys, most of these buys have no idea what is going on. When they do hit inquire they call me MorphMarket . They think they are buying from MorphMarket …as if every animal posted is from the same vendor! Most do not understand any aspect of any of this. But they are the BUYERS. So as a responcible vendor I try to accomodate them professionally, and I always go back to trying to get them to work within the MM system. I am not trying to be an asshole. I am letting MM know how they could save vendors time, which is a self-proclaimed value of the admin of this site. Peace.

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Were just snowballing here. Will, your suggestion has been noted, and we will see how we can improve that for you :blush:

Can you share some examples of the screenshots you get?

Both ID and price are within the screenshot for me on both the app and browser


In a post on another question a while back I had noted that I have an aversion to buying from sellers that dont have a phone number associated with their seller profile. I have recently reconsidered that viewpoint (even removed the phone number from my seller profile) as a means to channel inquiries through MM. That protects my privacy, allows me to see if the person inquiring has any sort of ratings or history, and lets me control the dissemination of my personal contact info. I realize that this may cost me sales, but at this point it is my view that it will only weed out pretenders and save me time. You cant control what their screenshot will look like even if the default display option is as you are requesting (pinch and zoom is a thing, screen resolutions and font size are different device to device). If you desire control of your time, then pull your phone number from your store profile with a note saying “send me a message for my direct contact information”. Customers will ALWAYS find a way to “build a better idiot”.


You guys need a more thorough QA process. I went through this same annoyance with the search changes and there seems to be a prevalence among your devs to think that their device settings (resolution, font size, etc) are representative of everyone. When I do that same view on my huge S22 I don’t see either the ID or the price. Same with my iphone. Im not saying you have to design for everyone but quit being surprised when a customer raises an issue regarding site rendering and then pretending that just because your device works that everyone see the exact same thing.

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We work hard to make the site as usable as possible for as many devices as possible. I’m not suprised at all… the apps pretty new, but as I dont use the same device as Will I am obviously not getting the same results, which is why I want to know what he sees. How can we fix something without seeing it?

… which is exactly why I threw out the idea of …

Which would not be affected by screen size.


@themorphranch this is why when we notice there’s an issue with formatting and things like that, we ask what device and what version people are using. Because we want to help as much as possible, and make our sites super usable for everyone.


Just like to add, if I take a screenshot on my iPhone 13 Pro, it shows price and ID as well on the app and the website.

Unfortunately I’m not sure finding out device will is using in this scenario will help though, as he states it’s from screenshots that other users are sending him.

I’m not sure why there’s any hostility here though. Thomas is asking questions to try to replicate the issue. If you know anything about QA and that line of work, if you can’t replicate the issue you can’t fix it.

If you can point me to any type of tech company that doesn’t have any type of bugs or issues being fixed as time goes on, I’d love to see that. It’s all part of development. NOTHING is ever created perfect/correct the first time. It takes time, it takes work. The whole point of this section of the forum is to better the way it all works.

Thank you @eaglereptiles/@john and the team for all the work you guys continue to do.