Sellers With Ratings Turned Off

I’m curious as to what makes sellers turn thier ratings off and why it’s even an option? I shy away from sellers that have them turned off, more so than a seller with no ratings. I would rather see a bad rating and how it is handled (which I’ve seen on some profiles). Not always is the customer right and I still like to see how the sellers handle themselves. I want to know it’s not something like bad husbandry and more so miscommunication. I understand some sellers are small hobbyist and one justified bad rating could destroy them, as it should. (If this is not appropriate delete)


There are a few reasons a seller might want to hide their ratings, sometimes people just don’t like being reviewed.

Here is the Marketplace Ratings section

"Sellers may opt to not have their ratings shown publicly. This is an all-or-nothing decision which can be toggled under the Seller’s Profile. Opted-out stores will show a message indicating that their reviews have been hidden.

Buyers are still allowed to create ratings for sellers who are opted-out, but they will not be public. MorphMarket will still use these ratings to monitor performance, and if any seller’s scores falls below a certain point they may lose selling privileges.

Ratings left by opted out sellers will be reserved and not publicly displayed."

And John’s personal input…

" MorphMarket staff CAN see the ratings, and the score these individual accumulate over time. As our docs state, if they earn a bad rating we will enact disciplinary measures up to and including banning them.

So please do leave ratings for them either way. But if it were me, I wouldn’t buy from someone who hid their ratings."


The question was just asked 2 days before this one:


Im just going to say that I won’t buy from sellers who hide their ratings. Whether they just don’t like being reviewed or don’t like their reviews, it’s a huge red flag that makes me feel like they are hiding something. The past few times I have seen this feature pop up on Facebook discussions it was related to stollen pictures being used to run a scam.

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