Seven years of dreaming led to this!

Ok quick context I have wanted a reptile for SEVEN YEARS been a dream of mine and I have always LOVED animals, and finally after so long and six months of planning this guy just came a few hours ago!

Sorry about the bad pictures, he”s perched on a peice of fake wood so I can’t get a good pattern pictures.
He’s a hypo, citrus tiger, blue bar, leather back 50% het trans and possible het zero.

And his name is mango

Update got better pictures


Congrats! It’s super exciting to get a first reptile. He looks awesome, too.


Thanks! A lot as I said I really have wanted a reptile for so long,
Honestly when I asked to get one I never expected to ACTUALLY GET ONE


Ok sorry update just got him to eat I can try to video tape next time.


A very nice beardie for sure. Congrats on getting your first lizard! However, I don’t see anything in his coloration that says he is a blue bar. In a hypo blue bars would be pretty obvious.


Personally what I thought but on his sides there is actually abit almost black maybe I am wrong idk.

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Congratulations! It’s a beautiful thing when dreams become reality. Welcome to the community of keepers!

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Thanks I have always really wanted to be part of a community, (one that is civil) and I found it I will give updates!

Edit: unfortunately I realized he actually a tail pinch which was not mentioned, though I am confused will it just fall of or? Not sure and he might not be genetics that I was told but I still love him. (:

Here’s him gaping I find it weirdly funny :smile:

Also sorry I had to take it through the glass he”s still very skittish.


Congratulations on your first dragon. The setup looks great. I always found it funny when they gape as well.

Thanks I am glad you like the setup also good news I can sort of handle him just not for very long

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Since u like gaping here are some more pictures!