Sexy Time - Let's See Those Locks

Breeding season is out the gates - let’s see your locks, see those clutches, or hear about your breeding projects! This could also be an awesome way for those newer to the hobby to see what a lock is or get ideas for breeding projects. Here’s what I’ve got going so far:

Super Pastel Leopard Lesser x Kingpin

Banana het G-stripe x Caramel Albino G-Stripe

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Pastel SK Axanthic Spider x Pastel Clown

Ivory x Asphalt

Barnhart line Black Pastel x Red Stripe

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Pastave x Butter
First clutch so keeping it simple but over the next 1-2 years as stuff matures things will definitely get more interesting :slight_smile:

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I’m looking forward to my first clutch this season as well. Best of luck @boop_n_snoots_reptiles!

Thank you and best of luck to you as well…

This is my very first clutch, she laid 11 eggs on March 27th. It came from my Mojave Vanilla Sulfur and she was paired to my Pastel pos Chocolate Desert Ghost and to my Pastel Butter Fire Enchi. I’m really hoping to get some BELs and Vanilla Cream combos, but I can’t argue with some het DGs either.

Next is my Calico Enchi, she’s being paired to the same DG male, I really want to see what a Pastel Calico Enchi DG will look like in the future. Good luck to everyone, let’s hope we hit the odds and make the best out of this year!

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11 eggs is a pretty good haul, @walkergirl! I’m hoping to be so lucky. You’ll have to share some pics once the little ones are out.

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I know, I was really surprised that she laid that many! I will definitely be posting pictures of the babies once they hatch and I hope that you get a lot of eggs too!

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just an update to mine opened the tub today to this.


Here are a few so far from this year:
Mojave Enchi X Cinnamon

Oriole het Albino X Candino
Mojave Enchi X Lesser

Oriole het Albino X Calico

Oriole het Albino X het Albino

Oriole het Albino X Oriole het Albino


Couple locks on this pairing, 1.0 butter spinner x 0.1 pewter… I think this will be the last before she ovulates, her follicles are pretty decent sized and she refused food last feeding day.

I’m also waiting on eggs from this gal:

One of their last locks:

Pairing was 1.0 banana yellowbelly x 0.1 pastel het vpi axanthic
She was due to lay April 17th but is holding out on me. I’m getting slightly worried but she was purchased as a proven breeder so I figure I just need to be patient with her. She does pace her tub quite often and is usually coiled on the heat… though she switches from having her tail in the middle to having it on the outside, so I have no idea what she’s doing :joy:

This girl is due to lay on the 14th, hopefully she doesn’t hold out on me like Ava is lmao

Pairing was 1.0 super mystic x 0.1 butter, maybe with 1.0 butter spinner if she retained sperm from him
One of the locks from that pairing:

She was also paired to my butter spinner boy early 2019 so she may have retained sperm from that pairing. Guess we’ll see!

Peanut hadn’t figured it out yet…

Atta boy!

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@trnreptiles, my Pastel Butter Enchi girl is doing the same thing as your Pastel het VPI… all we can do is cross our fingers and wait. Best of luck to you!

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Another pairing underway, my banana yellowbelly with a spider! Felt at least 8-9 penny-sized follicles in her so hopefully she’ll give me a nice sized clutch in the coming months.


Het pied x het pied

Banana Yellowbelly pos het pied x Ghost Butter

Pastel Axanthic x DH CaramelGlow

GHI Mojave Yellowbelly x DH CaramelGlow

Pastel Axanthic x Leopard Spider


Liked “Sexy time”. :slight_smile:

@sickpyth7 That leopard Spider is pretty striking!

Thank you and she was just ready to shed too! She should go for me this season.

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