Share photos of your first ball python!

10 years in June with my boy Darigan <3


@crypticoils-pythons awesome looking morph! It is so cool how markings resemble objects.

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@eparkinson Wow very very cool looking :snake::snake: I think they are trying to tell us something? Lol! The first picture looks like :snake::snake: are forming the letter “Y” and in the next the photo, the letter “B” or the letter “M”. Yup, I knew it! It’s the start of the YMCA song, they got the whole rack going…LoL thanks for sharing.


@snakekittyfishy looking great for 10! He seems very chilled, waiting for his human pet to finish fluffing/cleaning his home and waiting for a fresh water dish, to mess up again! LoL. Oooo maybe a dinner too🐭. Nice share👍

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Awesome shot! Snuggler at heart​:snake::+1:

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@good_day first off, lol the name … fitting​:+1: Beautiful :snake:. Looks like a Total sweetie. :snake:head totally resting on ya! Trust! Those eyes are stunning! Awesome for sharing.

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This is Johnny, a pastel GHI.

This is June, a GHI Pastave.

It was my very first Repticon and I was looking for a kingpin or black pastel combo even though GHI was(still is) my favorite morph because I knew I couldn’t afford it. I stumbled upon June first and at the same table was Johnny in the back. I asked all my newbie questions and asked if he’d make a package deal for both. $300 for my new babies and I was over the moon because it was a dream come true!

Johnny a year later and 550g

June a year later and 421g


Had to have a Pied.
He started my obsession



Thanks! He’s actually quite ornery and doesn’t like going back in his tub lol. He’s pretty strong so it is a struggle sometimes, but I’ll always love him :slight_smile:


I’m hoping the will start doing some kind of dancing, if you know what I mean. She is Het albino and he is getting shut down hardcore.


This is my girl Inazuma. She is about 17 and just a normal as far as I know. I have some awesome morphs now but I still love her classic jungle pattern.


I’ve had other snakes before, but these are the first two balls we picked up when my daughter started showing interest.

Lesser Fire het Hypo

Pewter het Ultramel


Our little girl Chiquita (pastel banana), we have had her for 3 weeks now :blush:



He my boy mr et cAme form tnt Balls


@bonnierosewebb Creative shots! Amazing yellow on Mr. T. I have trouble with my two lil dudes to stay in the scale bowl, when checking weight. LoL

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@aring12132 so cute and the name is so fitting, which makes her even more of a cutie! Those freckles…:+1::snake:

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@hamm amazing morphs, they look great! Pewter’s silvery coloring are so cool!

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Lolol thanks yeah he like just hang out a lot some the other I have go little faster. Lolol I love take pic. And Mr. Et like to take pic I think lolol he easier then my dogs, horses, and two little girls lolol this one is Rex he’s my daughter snake she got for her 7th birthday now he like to try and get out of my camera all the time

This is her looking in the bag and say mommy y ur snake in here


@ajaabreu Wisdom and beauty comes with age. 17 wow! Normals are so special​:wink::snake:

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@bluefeathurs So cool Repticon and gotten a awesome deal. Heck I would be over the moon too AND BACK :+1::wink:. !!! Love when u can see the growth and/changes especially with the morphs (u never know what u r gonna get!) It is so amazing. beautiful colors​:snake: