Sherg - Ball Python [DONE]

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Subbmitted by Bobby Day - 29 Aug 2022

Species: Ball Python

Name of Gene: Sherg
First produced by whom: Doug Day
Year first year produced: 2010
Genetic Type: Codom
In complex with other genes: Granits
Other name /aliases for it? No
Description:/ Appearance:
Head: Its vertaly patterned not horizontal.Blushes the back of head. Eye stripes end and don’t connect.
Body: Neck stripe break. Granite. Vertical pattern
Belly:Belly is not completely clean, but not dirty.
Tail always stripe

Proven Lines:
Related Genes: Granite
Proven: To what degree it is proven out to not just be polygenic? Proven out to produce Supers in 2013

Unique: Purchased from Africa as a wild caught Juvenile.

Problems: No
History: The history behind its discovery.
2007 Lost power at the house for five days in the winter. Doug and his ex wife came home to find the dogs had left the front door open. Leaving it to be close to freezing in the house. Sherly, Dougs ex wife grabbed the Sherg female and put her down her shirt to warm her up and to keep her ALIVE! They lost 6 snakes that day, which was very tragic for Doug. SInce it was Sheryl that saved the snake he named her after her.

Morphpedia: Ball Pythons: Sherg



Gorgeous! Definitely needs to be recognized more in the community