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Is it me, am I doing something wrong now that I’m back in the industry. I have a fedex account and it seems no matter where I ship to overnight the price is $70-$160. I’m actually losing customers because shipping costs more than the snake in some cases. Last time I was in the industry at most it would cost $50 overnight.

What are your thoughts?

Are you signed up with FedEx or Reptiles2You with FedEx?

I’m signed up with Fedex

I’m checking that out now because I hate giving such high quotes for shipping.

Thank you

Yeah I’d definitely try a third party like SYR or Reptile Express. I use reptile express and I shipped to New York once and I’m from California and shipping was 62 bucks if I remember correctly


All 3 of my MM purchases were sent with SYR and it was 50-60 from Utah, Oklahoma, and NC to me here in Indiana

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Yes thank you all I just signed up!

Perfect need to be able to give better shipping prices.

Thanks again everyone


Sign up for ShipYourReptiles, and if you have a seller account on MM you can get a coupon code.

I know some other people put shipping included amd it is a big selling point believe it or not even if its just added to the price wordplay seems to make a differance…a $500 pumpkin pied plus shipping seems more expensive than a $550 pumpkin pied with shippimg included if that makes any sense


I second this as well. Definitely an idea to consider

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Yea shipping has definitely gone up over the years. I’ve been using Ship Your Reptiles, and it’s made it somewhat bearable. I really love their on time delivery insurance, and animal insurance. If that package arrives late, and the animal is dead they pay the value you insured it for. I always add it for peace of mind. You never know. They are always giving out coupon codes as well. Just used one last week for a trade I did with a buddy. Cost me 60 bucks with insurance to ship out a 12x9x6 box not to bad.

You have to be careful when doing this though:

When you start adding £100+ it seems like your avoiding paying something down the line.

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