Shipping question

So lately I’ve been curious about pricing on FedEx shipping. I’m seeing many people are only charging a flat rate of $45-$55 for FedEx overnight but on my end the pricing varies greatly I guess by state and I’m noticing some places are generally $50 at minimum and it can get as expensive as $95 for just the shipping, not including any extra supplies/handling fees.

My question is how’re some people able to ship for so cheap? Is there a certain box size or specific label website that’s just cheaper or do people just “eat it” and partly pay for the shipping for it to be cheaper? I would really like to know so I’d be able to have better pricing.

Also, I wasn’t sure where to post this on the forums or if something like this can even be posted here. Sorry in advance.


There’s a pretty good thread that covers some of these points here: Shipping Prices

Hope this helps!

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I have noticed the price of shipping has gone up even over the last few weeks. Also Some people are adding a little extra to the price of the animals and then offering the flat rate fee of $45-55 for shipping. Others are lg enough companies that they are able to get much better shipping rate than other smaller people like me to be able to offer the flat rate fee.

Box size does play a part in the shipping quote. 7 x 7x 7 is going to be much cheaper than say 11 x11 x 7 which is the size i like to use. (i have a had several boxes smashed in shipping so i prefer the extra room for safety).
Using a third party company like reptiles2you, ship your reptiles you will get a better price vs buying the label on your own. They get a discounted price, unless you get certified thru fedex and then your discount is rated on how much you ship.