Should I Narrow Down or....?

I understand what you are saying. Wish we lived in a perfect world, I would get at least 20 snakes and even keep the babies, but then reality kicks in and we do have to make choices.

I think selling the ghi male and Russo are a good choice, and then get that lesser Ghi five gene combo so at least you have male which can give you the wanted super Ghi’s but also Bel’s. The only thing is that you will not know what genes are in the Bel offspring, but I heard that a with a blacklight you sometimes can see part of it. And who know’s the lesser mojave Ghi might also show something like the super mojave Ghi @sillyjelly mentioned, because that one is really special.

It can also give you mojave ghi’s, ghi lesser pastels and ghi lesser black pastel pinstripe and all of the are all really nice. If you can keep from the offspring a mojave combo male you can still get your super mojaves. In time (or now if you are not planning on breeding this season or don’t have a special attachment to her) I would also sell the normal unless you want to use her to prove genes out (like those multi gene bell’s). At least you’ll have several options to go for. Even if one day you decide you want to make al little sidestep to the lighter or more contrasting side.

Are you planning to start breeding this season or next season? If next you still have time to let the spider grow. I’m also curious, what other genes are in the ghi lesser male you are considering to buy?

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The normal is a borrowed girl, I have gotten her to lock for me. The spider I hope to breed once she’s 1500g+. The others are going to have to wait a year or two so I have time to grow out a male for them.
This is the male in question, if he is 150g then he has a little size on the smallest of girls as she’s only 2 months old.


Really beautifull snake. I just love this combi. Have even been debating on one of these males myself but I already have enough Bel complex combo’s and to prevent only making white snakes I desided not to buy, with a little pain in my heart :weary:. But looking a your plans and the snakes you have it sound like a good one for you considering you want to go for dark side , bel’s and super pastel and super ghi. He is also a great match for your black pastel and ghi pastave girls. Lesser lesser pairing can give bug eyes but I have no idea if this really is a problem for the snakes. So overall it sounds like a good choice.

The weight itself I personally wouldn’t worry to much about, because I bought in total 6 snakes at the age less than 6 months and all had different weights. The last male I bought last december at only 100 gram and is from the same month as the one you are considering, and he is now also around 150 to 160 gram but he really loves his food and does everything he needs to do so I really don’t worry. Infact, none of my other snakes ever got to that weight allready by two months. My two youngest girls are almost two months apart but weight the same but they all eat and grow very well.

The most important thing is that the overall body condition has to be good. With buying online you can only depend on the picture and in the one on morph market he looks good, but I can understand your worries. I wonder if there is a place where you can see reviews per breeder? Maybe it’s possible check online for his reputation like facebook or so?!

It looks to me that even though you ask for advise, you already know very well what you want and what your plan is. So I think you are capable enough to make a good decision. Good luck and keep us posted. I’m curious to see the outcome, and then off course, see pictures of the new little fellow once you get one :grin:


His breeder is very highly rated (over 100 total and all 100% positive) so I do trust it pretty well. I’d heard some BELs being bug eyes but I didn’t know it was the lesser, good to know! Idk why but the dark morphs just draw my attention more than the lights lol. The exception being black and white animals, got several fuzzy pets like that :grin:. I will definitely try to keep this as updated as possible!


Very late update: neither the male GHI or the Russo female has sold. I did make room by selling my geckos so I have space. The male I had picked out sold before I could contact them and I hadn’t quite settled on another.

Today I was offered two males for the same price as each other, I can only get one as I unfortunately can’t afford both.
Male 1: GHI Mojave Lemonblast 450g
Male 2: Enchi Fire Bamboo 250g

Honestly, I like M1 better. Buuuuut…Bamboo is an amazing gene (that I’d love to have even as just a pet) and if he’s a better deal I won’t pass him up.
M1 is the perfect male to make those triple supers with an added bonus of Pinstripe. He’s already a decent size so could breed as soon as next season (sooner but I don’t have females ready).

M2 isn’t a dark morph, but I do see potential with it in my group of darks. BP, GHI, Cinnamon. Not sure if it’s enough to justify passing on the other.

(I think this is M2, I didn’t ask for pics because at the time I was too excited about M1)

You know how it goes, as the day goes on, the excitement wears off to think a little more and here I go overthinking lol


Trust your gut!


I agree with @dorian. Both are a very good choice. Just follow your heart because you can’t go wrong with these.


My heart does go to the GHI first because he can make the triple supers that I wanted, but I also don’t want my heart to lead me wrong. Gotta use the brain too lol.

Even though Bamboo is a dream morph of mine, I just don’t know if this is the best choice between the two for what girls I have.

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What size are all of the females you have? You really don’t need to get a male until they are around a year or so from possibly being breeding size. Since the male only needs to be 600 grams, and can even breed as early as 450 grams. My 500 gram male that is a bit over a year old is already producing plugs.

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Also, if you plan on working with dark morphs I recommend mahogany over black pastel or cinny if you want to make black supers. Both have a lot of issues with kinking and duckbills. Sumas have no issues.

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My females range from 480-200g. But I also have a normal female who will be ready again next year (she’s 2400g rn). I don’t really plan on super Black Pastels or Cinnamons, just adding them to GHI. I do like pattern in dark animals, but I also like the variety of colors/patterns from different parents.

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As much as it is for you to decide, I personally would go for M1. So much can be done with him from a single pairing that I think it would be daft to pass it up.


That’s kinda what I thought too! He’s got 3 BIG things and pastel. He works perfectly for my triple super, and would combo well with almost anything. Thanks guys!!


I agree with @eaglereptiles. I do love both bamboo and ghi, but myself I also recently bought one with ghi and not with bamboo. Even if you pair him up with the normal there are so many good combinations that can come out of it. Ghi can do so many beautifull things with other genes, and even though bamboo is also very beautifull, I think ghi works better with other genes. I also like enchi a lot, but more for that extra golden colour and it works really well with some genes but I mainly love it with like leopard or champagne, but you don’t have those. Fire is nice for cleaning up, but as a single gene it doesn’t show to much. Their all good genes but I think male 1 is better.

On top of that, you where hoping for supers in the future and going for the darker side and he can give them to you. And you can get super mojaves :slight_smile: . I have have one girl and I just can’t stop admiring here with her white body and greyish purple head., and even people who see her who are really not into snakes really love the way she looks. I also really love pastel and super pastels because of the blushing it gives, especially together with dark morphs.

I think you should listen to your heart because it’s telling you a good thing. And who knows, bamboo’s might be something for the future. They always say it’s good to have a plan, and male 1 really fits in your plan.


I couldn’t think of a better way to explain it!! I’m definitely going to stick with Male 1! He just does more for the future for me than M2, as beautiful as he is. It’ll probably be about a month before I get him (and a couple others included in the bundle) since I’m paying a little at a time. I’ll try to remember to add pics!


Something I will caution you here on: Just because you have a female that can breed does not me that you have to breed her.

I say this because I feel like too many people in the hobby put the cart before the horse.

Do you really need to breed that female because what she produces will strengthen your collection? Or would you just be doing it because she is 2400g so what the hell, might as well?

Put another way, if you do breed her and have the absolute worst odds possible (they happen, trust me) and end up with ten normal males, do you have an outlet for those? Or are you going to be stuck with them and hating the fact that you have to take care of them? I know people have the tendency to think “Oh, I can just sell them no problem,” but it is not as easy as that.

Selling normals and single-gene and sometimes even double-gene animals can be very difficult and if you look at nearly every big name you will notice they rarely list things like that. There is a reason why you do not see them on their listing and it is not because they are not producing them.

Not trying to say you cannot breed, obviously that decision is entirely up to you. Just saying that really thinking it through first is prudent


I have a pet store close by that said they would buy (market value) any babies I produce as long as I can tell them what the parents are. I would try to sell them myself first.

I’ve always wondered what people did with their normal babies since I’m sure they don’t sell as well.

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Pet stores eat up any normals I offer them. Those always seem to be a popular seller where I am so I doubt you will have a hard time selling off any normals


I sure hope mine does! She bred to a Scaleless head male because her true intended was scared of her so I’m sure I’ll have a few lol

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Some people wholesale. Some people have… Other means