Show me your adult boas!

(Not sure if this topic has been done before, but I didn’t see it.)

As some of you know, I’m planning to get my first BC in a few months, and I’ve been trying to narrow down my favourite morphs. Browsing the marketplace has been very helpful, but since most of the boas listed there are babies, I’m curious about what various morphs look like as adults, since I know most will change colour to some degree as they mature (IMG getting darker, albinos getting more yellow, etc.).

I’d love to see any adult boas you fine folks are willing to show off. If you could specify their morph(s) and age, that would be awesome!

Here’s a bad indoor pic of Jasmin my adult Junglebesque female. She’s 7 or 8 years old. Don’t remember off the top of my head.

IMO one of the best combos period and they get better with age.


She’s beautiful! I’ve really been liking a lot of the arabesque stuff I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing!


Heres a few adult FLRT surinames from my friend Brian Abrahamson. The one I’m holding will get bigger, I love the yellow.


I was just looking at some of his red tails in the marketplace yesterday. Such gorgeous boas! I love the clean patterns.


There’s different levels to them but they’re all beautiful. IMO you just cant go wrong with any boa no matter your choice.


Absolutely beautiful Randall


I would love number three lol :joy:, but they are all gorgeous.


That’s my favourite too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aang sunglow motley jungle. He was born 2015 so he is 7 years old.

Butterfly sunglow female she is 12 years old.

Chiquita albino female 12 years old .

Ty sunglow male he is 7 years old.

Tango male hypo het albino. He is 12 years old.

These two are hypo jungles het albino. Both are 7 years old.


Love all of them…I’m gonna need a bigger house. Lol


Mine as well, shes beautiful in person.


Absolutely! Boas are amazing!


Thanks for sharing, they’re all gorgeous! I especially love both those hypos. I’ve found myself drawn to quite a few hypo combos in the marketplace lately, seeing yours as adults has me thinking that hypo should be on my short list of morphs.

It’s interesting that Chiquita (and maybe Ty as well) appear so much lighter than your other albinos. Any idea why that is? Is it just the lighting in the photos, or are they actually more lightly-coloured? I’m honestly not sure if I prefer the lighter look or the more yellow/golden colour pallette. They’re all so beautiful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ty is a super sunglow. So he carries two traits for the hypo genetics. So i can breed him to anything and all the babies will be hypo.

Chiquita was just a nice looking albino with some white in her. And she keeped most of her pattern as an adult.

All the others you think are albino are sunglows.
Sunglow are albino hypo. Just so you know. Not sure if you knew that.

Take care


What a beautiful group, all! Fun topic!

Had to toss up a pic of our Casper, our 17 year old 1. 2005 Albino (along with my 1. 1974 Person :smile: - for size comparison).

We bought Casper as a baby in 2005 and he is still kickin’ around being awesome! In fact we are hoping to breed him in 2023 to Remedy, our Junglow Motley :grin:


Or at least REEEAAAALLLY smart caging… :rofl:


Decided to just snap some pix of some of the adults.

Just used the auto setting and flash with my Canon M50 Mark 2

My KRP Arabesque 100% het Kahl from Arabesques and More. She’s my problem child.

One of my 2019 Junglebesque het Sharp female holdbacks.

My 2019 Leopard boy from my het pair.

My male holdback 2019 Junglebesque het Sharp. He’s a food driven beast.

Sharp male with Motley Paraglow poss jungle. You can see where he rubbed his nose pretty bad to get to her.


@tommccarthy and @randall_turner_jr we definitely all share the same tastes in those BI :snake::snake:s! BEAUTIFUL collections there!!! And Tom that striping is SUPER cool!

I’m also personally a fan of the arabesque pattern, and anything Sunglow is a family favorite around here.

In fact, speaking of adult boas, our first litter in 2008 was a Sunglow litter with ole’ Casper and our Strawberry (Double Het Sunglow/Hypo Het Albino) and we were SOOOO excited! We vended at Daytona - and sold out! - that year with those babies. :sunglasses: (I’ll look for better pics; this is from our original receipts)

@jawramik not exactly sure if this directly relates, but hope this helps in your search! :sunglasses::metal:


I love him! :heart:

It seems like albinos without the hypo gene often mature to be a lighter colour than sunglows, is that correct, or no?