Show me your most expensive reptile in your collection!

show me your most expensive reptile in your collection!!!


It’s a tie between my male Tessera corn, my black kingsnake, and my Reverse Okeetee baby.


Is this most expensive as in paid for, if it was sold right now as is, or animal plus care?

I know of some people who have paid more for the care/vet bills of an animal than they bought it for, some animals are obtained at an extremely good deal for much less than if sold at market value. Lots of factors here lol

Ashara, my Palmetto corn.


no only the animal

My most expensive snake right now that if I sold at market value would be my male Angolan python. I got such a good deal on him that I actually feel bad!

Most expensive I actually paid for is in the mail rn!


These two I spent $1200 on, a nearly breeding size blood python pair!
The male is a t- albino, the female het t- albino.

This is also an investment snake I purchased, my albino superconda female. I’ll be pairing her with my albino male once she’s breeding size, so the clutches will be all albino condas.


do you mean the most expensive one we have bought or produced ourselves or both?

both if you want!!

Probably one of these two:


I recognize those blood pythons!

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This adult VPI Caramel Albino Sumatran Short-Tailed Python was the most valuable snake in my collection (~$2500), but I just sold her. But she’s still here, so it counts.

My female Argentine Boa Constrictor is probably pretty valuable now that she is huge and proven. I saw a similar female go for $2000 recently. I spent $150 on her as a baby 8 years ago! I also have a Bell Snow Splash KSB who is pretty valuable.


@westridge wow! What a difference a few years makes!

@thecrawdfather And the market. Locality boas in general have increased in value.

Forgot to add pics of the Argentine and the fancy sand boa.


I think this was probably the most expensive one i have ever produced. He was a rough one to let go of.


ok i gotta ask what is the dark one with the big buffy head. :scream:

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@wreckroomsnakes Is that a spotnose clown? Are there more genes? I absolutely love it.

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:slightly_smiling_face: it is a fire spotnose clown


@westridge They’re doing great so far! Both are eating and aren’t too bad with handling. Just now had Riggs’ new enclosure shipped… the one I ordered like 2 months ago :joy:

@trnreptiles So glad you’re happy with them!

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