Show Off Your Cresties 🤩

Nope, I am clueless when it comes to that. My neighbor Totoro and Spirited away are the only I ever watched; I personally prefer snakes and blade collecting lol :rofl:.

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You so need to watch, so many Amazing ones!! :heart_eyes:

I also have other bits being done :smirk: Which I will be then doing other bits with…
And omg the colour is being worked on today. It may be done today. :sob:

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I really can’t wait! Are you going to change your profile picture to it? It will take sometime to get used to that lol.

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I will be! BUT I don’t think you’ll be Toooo confused by it…
Though it’s taken a while to get used to to others here changing there’s I will say…:sweat_smile:

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I will probably never change mine even though I have one to be proud of (thanks @eaglereptiles) because my yellow over saturated pic of Kai is what I have had from the beginning.


It’s funny how we recognise people by their picture and not the name isn’t it!
I do this with everyone, as soon as they changed I noticed them away and was some getting used too, even now I mess a couple up :woman_facepalming:t2::sweat_smile:

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Same… changing profile pic should be illegal! :joy:

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I think it probably has to do with face recognition in psychology like how we recognize someone’s face better then remember their name.


Ooooo new logo, can’t wait :grin:

I changed my profile pic a while back and so many people got confused. I won’t be changing mine again :sweat_smile:


Angus is a bit shy, but comes out more and more often. Look at his beautiful eyes!!


See lol! That is what I am afraid of :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Maybe doing a logo thread showing what your new logo will be before you change it might help?

Could even do a poll to see if people would prefer you to keep your current logo or update it.

You need to be happy with your logo but I agree changing logo can be confusing so should be limited, unless confusion is what your going for :sweat_smile:


I don’t think a Poll, at the end of the day it’s your choice if you want to change your image or not. If I decided I want bright pink with butterflies, yes it’s a big change but it’s up to me :blush:

If I didn’t have a logo I would be changing mine a lot to all my different Cresties and other reptiles like I’ve done on other sites in the past. :joy:

When done I will post up here though when changing so people can see the new me :sweat_smile:


How everyone enjoying the :sunny:

Finally nice weather in the uk :rofl:

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It’s been great weather :sunny: Looks like next week might be not so great where I am though :cloud:

Turns out the eggs were duds. I’ve weighed Kona and popped her back in with Milkyway, although there has been no courtship noises yet :pensive:

Oh don’t, Kirsty said the same! :sob:

To be honest I don’t know if Naruto has touched Akira again either :upside_down_face:
I’m like boy, look how pretty she is! You’re lucky you have her! :joy:
I was literally talking to him earlier and the other half just stared at me… I am normal I swear…

Give Milkway a talk too, may help :smile:

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Within seconds of Milkyway being paired to Vanilla there was noises etc but nothing with Kona and I paired them last night!

Maybe she wants a fella with experience, or maybe she’s too intimating for Milkyway.

They are quite happily cohabiting though :upside_down_face:

Maybe its something to do with the weather lol

Well maybe the first time she was like, back away!

And touch wood this time works! :crossed_fingers:t2:

It’s been white hot, a lot of mine have been off food and think it’s because it’s warmed right up… :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Yeah, same here. I have a couple that ALWAYS eat, but most of them stopped for majority of the week :woman_shrugging:

Hopefully they will get their appetite back soon :crossed_fingers:

I was REALLY hoping for eggs from these two but I may have to face the fact that they don’t want each other in that way (yet). If Strawberry is up to weight I might just have all three living together for a month or so to see how they get on. Kona doesn’t like moving about & maybe that might be the cause of it? But will see in a few weeks or so.

I’m not a fan of leaving a male in an enclosure with females, but I haven’t actually tried it so would consider it

Some take time, someone I know has tried multiple males with a female and not been a lock at all :sweat_smile:

Each to their own, but even if they ‘look’ fine. You’ll eventually notice loss of weight, appetites etc.
Big Mama is amazing for holding weight even when paired to a male (left in) and laying too. BUT the males became an issue there and wasn’t fair.
Also not fair to be harassed non stop by a man :joy:

Crackers came to me as a pair with another male and my god they were both so slim! Though the guy though they were fine! In reality no, both underweight and she wasn’t eaten enough.

Then again I’ve tried multiple times with pairings and I’ve always thought of it unfair for them to stress all the time over either a male being near which can get them on edge or a female being near where they just want to mate job stop.

You may have just not seen a lock either, that’s what I’m assuming with my pairs and I’ve not witnessed one! But Haise and pongo was only males who called right away. Didn’t see a lock there though.

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