Show Off Your Cresties 🤩

They may end up changing now that they’re all separated, I’ll be able to see different personalities.

Is Raspberry still evil?


And when you find out sexes! :joy:

Well funny enough I hadn’t seen her since the last images, then last week she appeared out of the substrate :woman_facepalming:t2::joy:
But got her out and she didn’t try to murder me, just stared… :grimacing:

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Enjoy some babies as was just feeding them all crickets :wink:
Everyone is out and munching right now! :yum:

Red and cream Dal Siblings (same clutch) :blush:

Tangerine partial pin Dalmatian :grin:

Golden Nugget :thinking: Looking a little red today. Hurry and grow so I can see your true colours!!:sweat_smile:

Tangerine phantom pin Dalmatian :relaxed:
If you zoom in you can see her colourful spots!


Thought I’d add Twinkletoes to the thread, settling in nicely. Thanks @ghoulishcresties.
So many amazing looking geckos here!


I’m so happy Twinkletoes is settling in well for you 🥲

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@becksterlynn o was going to name her Strawberries & Cream, but I’m saving the name cream for another gecko and thought it might be odd sounding lol

My Geckos are themed after coffee, coffee syrups and goodies as I was running out of suitable names. So we’re likely to come across a few.

I’ve got the name Cherry lined up for a special gecko, when Strawberry finally gains enough weight to breed! :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Although if I get a red around Christmas (not this year) I might use the name Cranberry :grin: too many name options, not enough geckos :rofl:

@thisisriggers twinkle toes looks awesome, glad it’s settled in nicely :grin:

@ghoulishcresties beautiful babies as always :relaxed: it was bug night here too, but most of them turned their nose up, I think the cold weather is about to hit, they seem to stop just before the cold comes. Typical as I just bought 100 locusts 🤦

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Haha we have a Cherry here!! :joy::heart:

Oh they did not… Aways the bloody way when you buy in bulk!! :roll_eyes:

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I like flower names, so that will likely happen soon. :joy: cranberry is so cute!

I’m surprised they eat so early! Ours don’t venture out til after lights have been out a while.

Awwww Twinkletoes! :heart_eyes::purple_heart:

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I actually put the Crickets in with them around 4! Yeah my lot don’t care, if they want food, they want food :joy:
Dolly is one of the best, no matter the time if you show her a cricket shes down! :laughing:
All the adults had banana pie repashy tonight, was the baby cricket night! :blush:
Oh and Legoshi the garg had both because he’s a growing boy with the appetite of a :bear:

I’m happy that Twinkletoes has gone to a lovely owner :relaxed:

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I usually get away with taking the food bowls out around 4 when I get in from work, because they’re all still snoozing. :joy:

@foxreptile that just means you need more geckos! :rofl:

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Until one catches you taking the food… :rofl:

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I bought the locusts small so I can grow them on as it was a new website and I wasn’t sure what the sizes would be like so I’ve got a while before they will be ready to feed off, hopefully the geckos will be interested buy then.

I turn the UV off about 4pm ATM as it’s dark by then and they live in the conservatory so by 6pm they are all roaming around but summer I feed them insects after the kids are in bed as some of them are snoozing still.
The younger ones don’t seem to care what time of day it is :joy:

I’m working on getting more geckos, just want to breed them as opposed to buying them but Strawberry has been such a fussy eater and so I haven’t been able to breed her yet.
I think she will be at weight next year but as she won’t eat insects I’m not going to consider it till I’m sure she has plenty of weight on her. So I may have to wait till 2023 before I see red babies :persevere:

Legoshi sounds like he has settled in well :+1:

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Kain being a grump

MadEye! She was fired and the pictures don’t do justice for how dark she was!

Fudge & Hershey. I love Hershey’s patterns :purple_heart: last pic is Hershey realizing I put more food in. :joy:


I love the look when they see food :eyes:

I was wondering if any of you have any frogbut stories you’d like to share?

My first Crestie lost her tail because she was laying eggs and I went to change the food not realising what she was doing (prior to that point I thought she was a he) 🤷

I felt so guilty, luckily she had finished laying the eggs, but was a little stressed out the next few days because I moved her to a tub to keep her bum clean whilst it healed.

This was many years ago and she soon forgave me :grin:

I am way more careful before I put my hand into enclosures now :sweat_smile: I’m expecting some tails to drop from outside noises like thunderstorms or fireworks but we’ve been lucky so far :crossed_fingers:

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You seriously have some great geckos! I just wish I had space for more…

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Haha I know exactly why you’re asking this, because it wigs you out too. :joy:

So all three ladies don’t have one. They came to me like this. Plus Fudge and Hershey. I’m not sure if they lost it getting out of the egg, or when they were in the big enclosure and we couldn’t find the babies.

I’m weird and prefer frog butts. Less stress that one will drop a tail. :skull:

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Aww thank you! :purple_heart:

Most are hatchlings, and I’m very much in love. :heart_eyes:

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Our little brindle jumped out of the enclosure. She landed on one hand and her tail landed on the other.


I prefer Cresties with tails, but only because of the extra unique pattern and it’s extra lending assistance lol

I hate the dropping off the tail,freaks me out :scream:, but I’m happy with frogbuts, less worry :sweat_smile:

I’d probably freak out if that happened to me :scream::tired_face:

I’ve got one gecko, Snowball, that I REALLY want to keep her tail but she has always been on the jumpy side of things and think that she will be the first to drop her tail, although she is calming down so hopefully she will keep it :crossed_fingers:

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