Show us your morphs that improved/ changed with age

Show us your morphs that improved with age
We all know ball pythons change with age.
Some darken, which can be good for some morphs.
Some lighten an be good for some morphs.
Some change in other ways.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Here is one of mine. Pastel pinstripe lesser yellowbelly
when young

And now

To my eye the darkening has brought out the colours, contrast and pattern better.


I agree :100: the added contrast really makes the pattern and colors pop!


Big change! But in both pictures your BP is very pretty! :+1::snake:


Nice to see! I’m always interested in seeing progression-type pics of any species. I’m probably not looking in the right places, but I’ve seen fewer of these for BPs than for the corns I work with. Looking forward to seeing more pics!


Me too, I was hoping for others to post some too.


My first snake baby is still very baby (I am waiting with bated breath for her to shed for the first time!), but once she’s more grown I’ll be back here with pics. She’s an Albino Pied, so she probably won’t change much! I can always hope her orange bits become even more contrasting.


I’m super curious about this one too. New snake owner here, and I’ve been deep diving the past couple weeks to try and learn more about the (many, many) morphs.

Do bananas change a bunch with time? I’ve seen a lot of banana babies on morphmarket with a lot of grayish markings, but fewer adults. Do bananas tend to age yellower with time? Or is that something else I’m noticing?


Welcome to the community, @kabre ! Yes, I’d say that regular (single gene) banana morphs yellow out a bit but are still gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of pied because they basically stay the same from baby to adult, sometimes getting those pretty black spots/freckles as they age, like bananas do.


Thank you for the welcome! I’ve been lurking for a few weeks and I figured it was time.

Oh yeah, no shade on adult bananas, they’re gorgeous yellow stunners and their freckles are cool. It’s just fascinating morphs can change so much with age.

What other morphs tend to result in significant baby-to-adult colour shifts?


A Super banana shouldn’t do that.
Hatchling super banana;

Same snake as an adult:

I think its improved to my eye.

Also the yellowing can be good in some types of banana and some morphs do not get freckles.
Hatchling Lesser banana pastel

Same snake older:


Wow! They’re gorgeous!!!


So I got some pros and cons with this lady. She is a super pastel, Mojave, black pastel, asphalt. Even after her 1st shed she was so pale and washed out, but it made some paradoxing she has really stand out. Second pic over a year later and gained a lot of color! Also though she kinda lost the extreme look of her paradox spots, I don’t know which look I prefer. Thought I would share.
Parents are: Asphalt, black pastel, Mojave, pastel x Asphalt pastel


These are my 2 that I think have aged the best so far. The first one us a Pastel Chocolate GHI Mojave dbl het DG Hypo, and the second is a Black Pewter Lesser Clown (Maybe more, but that’s my best guess based on what I know about the pairing that produced him). I love how the GHI Mojave has gotten darker over time, but she’s still young so that could change as she gets bigger. The Clown really surprised me with how well he’s aged, I figured that he would lose more of his color and pattern as he grew, but he actually got more color the older he got!


Your right, also on your ghi morph which is getting darker I really like the way the dorsal is still bright! Creates a great contrast there! Your clown I can only assume one of the reasons it didn’t wash or fade out some is the black pastel. I have seen lesser clowns, especially with pastel that are really light and can be somewhat washed out. 2 good snakes you chose for this thread!


Here is a girl I produced a few years ago. She is Lesser Spotnose Leopard Clown. She is right at 1400 plus grams so I am hoping to pair her this year. My choices are between 3 boys that are het Clown.

1.0 Black Pastel het Clown
1.0 Fire Red Stripe het Clown
1.0 GHI Yellowbelly het Clown




Very beautiful girl you have! I would have a huge problem deciding which male to pair! I really like ghi clowns, but also red stripe clowns are great too! Good luck with your project!


She is gorgeous! As are all of the snakes you produce! Thank you for sharing! :blush::+1::snake::pray:


@banereptiles definate improvement with age. Loving it more than McDonalds
Agreed, they both look better with age.

This is something I am very interested in, darkening and or more contrast with age. Nice.

Thanks both for sharing-
More please :heart_eyes:


I love her dorsal stripe too! I was worried that the Pastel would cause her to get lighter over time, but so far its actually helped with the contrast and I couldn’t be happier!

Thats what I think too, because I’ve also seen how Pastel Lesser Clowns are usually washed out looking as adults. Thanks for the kind words!


There are 3 from last year:
0.1 Cypress Clown
1.0 Wookie Chocolate pos yb het Clown
1.0 Banana Hurricane (FM) het Clown