Site Broken for Older Browser Versions [FIXED]

Browser Safari iphone 6
Firefox work computer, unknown version.
Those were the browsers I had issues on.

Went back like you said and both are working well now. No issues on my end, whatever you did worked.


Great, so based on that confirmation what in fact happened, is that the developers used a feature of a newer Javascript. Those of you using some browser several years old didn’t support it, and thus the site was freezing up.

We are soon going to improve our pipeline so that we can use the newer Javascript but it will be complied into an older version so as to still work on most phones.

Second, if there are really old browsers that we choose not to support any longer, we will show a message that says this – not have the site breaking in confusing ways. Then you’ll know to upgrade.

I apologize for the problems!


Fixed now. I don’t know what version of safari I have though.


Site working for me now too.


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