Snake hook!do you guys use it?

Do you guys use snake hook?

little problem while I was using it with my most bitty boa


A snake hook is an important tool to have on hand. I personally have three of them, a small one for bitey youngsters, a mid-sized one for the womas and a larger, broader one I used for blood pythons when I was keeping them. That being said, most of my animals are calm enough to be handled directly and I don’t keep anything venemous.


Make great tub opener for tubs with ravenous females in them. :+1:t2:


i only use my snake hook for my woma pythons and some of my crazy females when feeding. :rofl:

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it was priced 50 euros I got it for 10

Snake hooks are a must for handling alot of species of snakes. I use a hook to touch all my snakes befor handling. Gets them out of feed mode.

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thats intelligent same thing I do

I started using it because one day opened the cage of the “nicest” and best temperament boa to change the water and fast as I put the hand in the terrarium he pop out his cage and bitted me I felt al that damn little teeth

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I have probably half a dozen snake hooks. All but one I use for road cruising and herping. I have a small hook about 2 1/2’-3’ that I use when working with the animals. It’s enough to let them know what I’m doing, and enough to keep them away when in a bad mood.

I personally think they are a must. I’ve kept a good amount of different snake species and find it to be a useful tool for each, maybe not with balls because even if they are fussy they are easy to work around.
I hook train all my snakes, I rub them on the head before handling for about 2-3 seconds and I find they react well to that. But to be fair I also mainly keep retics now and I’m a firm believer that retics need to be trained with a hook or paper towel roll.

I have 2, they make great backscratchers! Had to use one with my baby carpet to get her out of the cage for about a year, beyond that my animals are so socialized I don’t need to use one. I use mine way more as a field hook when I go herping! Joking aside they are a must for your snake keeping toolbox!

Yes! They are a very useful tool to have.

Don’t have it yet but it’s on my shopping list for next expo ( the main one in september in Houten in Holland is alowed again, so happy :smiley:). My boa is obsessed with food these days. I only dare to take her out now if she is sleeping. Once she sees me she is ready for food. Will be nice to have something to snap her out of that mode without her “killing” my hand. She is a sweetheart when I hold her, but when she in her enclosure and thinks she sees food she is a monster.