Snake photography

Wondering if anyone has experience with those photo boxes I see advertised all the time. Would like to get something like that in an affordable version as I don’t take thousands of pics and only use a cell phone camera. But I’d also like one of decent quality. Any thoughts/recommendations?


I don’t have any personal recommendations but you can see some other people’s set ups here.

I take all of my pics with my cell. I haven’t taken the dslr out of the bag in a couple of years. While a light box is nice, a large piece of white poster board is plenty. I just lay my animals on my light box as it’s folded.


eBay is a good place to get one at a decent price.


I was wondering if my Canon EOS Rebel E6 could get a picture like some above.

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I just got a light box earlier this year. It’s a small one, but it helps me take good hatchling pics. If you’ve got good lighting in a room you probably don’t need one, but the lighting isn’t great in my snake room and the light box came with some nice adjustable lights.

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I have a rebel sl2 and it takes pretty good pictures with those kinds of setups, I’ll have to upload some on here when I get a chance.

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Thanks looking forward to seen what could be done!

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I have a rebel 3ti and while I enjoy it, it is just impractical for what I need. My cellphone takes such amazing pics I don’t use the actual camera anymore.


Hi awesome pics, wich morph is in the second pic, the second on the right side? Thx

It’s an orange dream sugar

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Ok Thx, i looked for a bit and i thought that could be something with calico spider + something else. But im total inexpert to identify :sweat_smile:

They’re two pretty unique genes that if you don’t know much about them specifically it’s hard to recognize it very well.

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Thats sort of my problem. I’ve tried two different bulbs each with a different warmth rating and I’m not really satisfied with either and how my pics come out. And pretty sure whatever cell camera @osbornereptiles is using is a thousand times better than the one on my S10+ lol cause those pics are pretty sharp.


What phone?

Mine is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. Last Christmas I got my wife the Redmi Note 8 Pro and that camera is crazy. It’s a 64mp quad cam with ridiculous macro on it. Best thing is they rival Galaxy phones and are only about 1/4 the price. Only works with GSM networks though.


I’m going to assume Verizon is not GSM? My work supplied phone is AT&T so may need to check out a Xiaomi when I’m due for an upgrade on that one. Every year you hear all the chat about these new phones cameras but I have an S10+ and a Note 9+ and neither camera takes pics as crisp as yours appear to be. Do you use the manual settings or its on auto?

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I decided to order a ring light that also has a cell phone holder. Light has 3 different warmth settings and 10 different brightness levels. Gonna see if that with some poster board and the holder to keep the camera steady improves my results.

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I use auto. I’m no photographer and don’t have a clue when it comes to settings. As with any camera the lighting can look off. I try to get color as accurate as I can but sometimes the pics don’t do them justice.


So my ring light came in as well as a white fleece baby blanket I’m using as the backer. These are some shots I took with the same cell phone camera I’ve been using. Think I found the best light warmth. Thinking all I need is a second light as it does get a little darker on the far end of the photos. And any little piece of coco or dark lint sticks to that darn blanket lol. Overall definitely liking these better than my previous results. Thoughts??

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