What's your "photography" set up?

I find it hard to get what I see in real life to show properly in pictures.

Do you have a specific camera or a certain set of lights that help make colours stand out?

Do you have a rig to get consistent images?

Does anyone know of certain morphs that show better under different Kelvin ratings, such as 2,000K (warm light) and 9000K (white/cool) light?


Mine is very basic

Foldable plastic table from Rubermaid

Small backdrop stand

Small PVC background roll (I have a few)

2 LED light

Nikon D3200


Newer Speedlight


And I try not to make my animals look average just so customers always think that the animal looks better in person.


Thank you Deb :grin:. It looks simple but I bet it took you a lot of trial and error to get it how you like it.
Yours are actually some of the pictures I look at and think “wow, at least a hour went into getting that picture so perfect”.


Not really the hardest part when it comes to snakes is for them to stay still, the rest once you have a setup and know your way around a camera is pretty easy.


One way I try to get them to stay in the shot instead of wandering off: One person stands by the snake holding a hide or some other box over the animal, then lifts the box while a second person takes the photo, before the animal has a chance to move away.


@welshmorphology I wanna see what you’re working with cuz your pics are AMAZING


My set up is a cheap light box from Amazon. It provides a good bit of light…the snakes look good, but the background is always a little blue/gray. So I use Gimp to whiten the background only. I also use my cellphone. These are the results:


I have 4 cameras all nikon. The lens I use the most is 105mm f/1.4E ED lens. I use R1C1 or nikon speed light. Old black T shirt (used the same one for 11 years). A strip of LED lights. All on the draining board in my kitchen. Nothing fancy. I can’t do technolofy,and I can’t do editing like photoshop. My main tool in my arsenal is practice.I practice daily


I use my iPhone 8 Plus and a black blanket or I have black sheet just for picture.