Snakes In Movies

I wasn’t sure where to post this. Did you ever see The Road Warrior? Mad Max, Mel Gibson? At near the beginning of the movie, Mad Max goes head to head with a nice looking carpet python. They kind of play it out like it’s a venomous snake. What other movies have cool snakes?


The Original Anaconda Movie.

Off the top of my head none real that I can think of,. I almost made a post about Reptiles portrayed in entertainment. Interested in if anyone had knowledge of some that had been used in movies.

Rattlesnake Jake from Rango


Basil the boa that lives in a drawer from Clockwork Orange


And my favorite, Kaa from The Jungle Book


I was about to say that there isn’t another movie snake as bad**s as Rattlesnake Jake, then I saw Kaa :eyes:

Dont forget about this guy…


The title alone explains what the movie is about but snakes on a plane is one of my absolute favorite movies that involve reptiles and just in general.


I found a picture of the snake in The Road Warrior.xroadwarrior

And this was a pretty cool scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Nagini :heart:


You have Heston from Ella Enchanted image


Crocodile Dundee had a brief snake encounter.

Conan the Barbarian. Huge snake theme in that movie.


Salma Hayek danced with a Burmese in From Dusk till Dawn.

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Funny story, Kaa was the name I had picked out for my boa but on a phone call with my aunt she missed pronounced it and said Kai. And I liked that more so that is his name now.

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Sounds to me like you still need a Kaa as well!

Its so funny when you start keeping snakes and notice things in movies you wouldn’t normally notice. Like after getting my snakes, I realize there are a lot of husbandry issues in RoadTripand Mitch deserves better! I don’t own burm’s so someone make sure to tell me if Mitch’s setup is good enough. IMO:
~Too small enclosure
~Dont see a water dish
~No hides
~Why are you feeding that huge boa that tiny mouse once a week, not good enough.
~Evenly distributed 85*? Is that even right?

In the first Indiana Jones movie there was the big snake in the plane at the beginning. “that’s just ma pet snake Reggie.”

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There’s a series available on Prime called “The Durells in Corfu” about a British family who moves to a Greek Island just before world War II. The youngest child is basically an animal nerd like us and collects all kinds of wild animals and exotics that are given to him by various people throughout; he displays tons of reptiles and surprisingly most of the identifications were spot on. Great series as well.
Also in the movie Identity theft there’s a big Florida King and a bunch of snakes in the movie Cold Creek Manor.


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I think I am past that one :wink:

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agreed with you hahahahah

OKAY y’all, this blew my socks off.

I’ve been watching Raiders of the Lost Ark since back when HBO was a big new thing.

The tomb scene? Cobras from India, corn snakes, carpet pythons, at least one boa constrictor, and half a dozen or so legless lizards!

EVEN BETTER: when they go to unbox the Ark itself…there are RATTLESNAKES carved onto the columns around it!!!