Some help identifying this girls morph?

Got this girl very recently along with 4 other beautiful ball pythons. Only issue is, her tag fell off and her original owner isn’t around anymore to ID her. Only thing I know for sure is she has banana in her, I have a few ideas but I wanted some fresh eyes. What do you guys think?


I think she may be a pastel banana or super pastel banana Mojave but we will see if the others on here correct me. Beautiful snake either way


it would help to be able to see the whole animal
Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help

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I agree with @nathan_e saying it’s a Pastel Banana.

Very clean dorsal stripe so maybe something else but :man_shrugging:t2: who knows


From this angle Banana Lemon Blast Mojave but the pose is not the best neither is the light since you use a flash, I would recommend that you follow Mary advice to help with proper ID


Now that you mention it I think it may have pinstripe too

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Obviously you have a lot more experience than myself but I’m just not seeing Pinstripe at all. The purples look too bold to me. What is it that made you say pinstripe?

I’m not arguing or saying your wrong. Clearer pictures may prove me dead wrong.

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It definitely has pinstripe. Probably other genes we can’t see due to the quality of the picture. The near solid dorsal stripe indicates pinstripe, along with the side patterns.


From that angle the dorsal stripe but the picture being so poor it would be like posting a picture in the dark and asking what morph it is.

My guess would really be Banana Pastel Mojave Pinstripe but I need better pics.

My reasoning behind it and a lot of time I have to do a lot deductions if some of the stuffs I produce is as followed

  1. Banana is obvious you are looking at coloration.

  2. Pastel could be there (most likely is) but it’s hard to tell because we are not getting the real color is washed out by the flash.

  3. Pinstripe because of the dorsal stripes on each side, now they are not typical like you would expect with only a Lemon Blast Banana which is why I would deduct another gene is at play enlarging that dorsal.

  4. Now the other gene at play is likely Mojave or Lesser which both enlarge those stripes.

Hope that helps

And here is a pic of Banana Mojave Pin so pastel on the top of it is not far fetch


You guys are right, that is a pinstripe-y dorsal, I just can’t see any pinstripe markings along the sides which is what I was concentrating on.

Saying that, if I was to look in a egg and just see this - 20200522_230137
I would definitely say Banana Lemon Blast.

Them 2 little sketch marks next to the head look like Pin pattern …

Just ignore me, I’m just arguing with myself.


The way that I see pinstripe is it kinda reminds me of the hieroglyphic markings of a Egyptian tomb. I know it may sound weird but pinstripe has always stood out to me in that way.

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Banana Lemon Blast has a much thinner pattern. :wink:

Hence Mojave or Lesser which enlarge that dorsal (granted that one is unusual and reduced pattern when it comes to sides.

Pinstripe combos are variable some are busy some not.


Here are some better pictures of her. Sorry I know the first one was bad lol.

My best guesses are banana pinstripe, something is making her pale my breeder friend suggested maybe lesser pastel like some of you have said. I know there is a lot of variable for morphs though.