Stefanie w/ an F! About time I intro myself

Hello!! Community! I’m Stefanie. I jumped off basically all other social media platforms…but love having a non judgmental group to share reptile stuff with! We need forums like this I feel. I’m a big supporter of USARK… & care about our rights to keep such awesome animals. Short bio… technically I had my 1st WC lizard @ 4yrs old. & my 1st snake @ 5. So…if ya wanna go back that far…
Been keeping & learning for 33 yrs now. Not a breeder presay… but used to do educational snake programs with local youth groups. One of my Snakes was in a local theater camp kids movie production @ a local theater I worked @…I have snake handlers creds for set production. Anyways I have a huge collection of this & that…I like off the norm things…especially boas. My latest venture on something not of norm was a baby Haitian boa. I have Solomon IGB…Indonesian TB…Rainbow both Brazilian & Colombian. BCI…a BCC…a Dumerils…but also a Thai bamboo rat …broad banded rat…garters…eastern hogs…a Madagascar cat eye…etc. I’m @ 42 snakes currently. I’m not against racks…but all my snakes are in glass displays…or open front PVC. I take alot of pride in their cages being interactive & awesome. Hope’s of possibly starting a YouTube channel for a
Ll my babies in the future…but we will see. Thanks for having an awesome forum!!
Morphmarket! -Stefanie


Welcome to the community (even if the welcome is a little belated, lol)! What is your favorite snake species that you’ve worked with? Feel free to add pictures of your reptiles to this thread.


My hands down favorite has to be my Dumerils Eretria…but I try not to play favorites…lol


My Blood python…hit some terrible 2yrs thing…& he has quickly dropped my list after being bit twice now. & he is only 2…but bigger than my 9yr old almost record male ball python…which is 2165gr

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I dont really like the old world Asian rat snakes too. Just more fickle to care for… but no more than a baby Brazilian Rainbow

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I have to keep them under 80 degrees constantly…or they are…not ok.


Do* ***do really like old world…

My Madagascar Cat eye is right @ top of the list too… She is a smaller gorilified kingsnake…& I keep her just like one. Mine was CBB thO…got from Tom Bailey few years back. Awesome snakes

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After all these years of keeping…my top pick for a beginner snake…will always be Rosy boa…over corn & balls.

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When I was coming up in the 90’s. There was no …google it… sparce literature…& us in that day …bought ever book we could…all written by the proineers of everything we have as a group built this hobby on. Kudos to all that have came before. When I got my 1st boa as my 8th grade graduation present in 95 I was elated. But there was no…jump all Google & order frozen rats…in fact back then…I couldn’t get frozen. So growing up for 10+ years on live…I could never get him to switch… fastfoward… 2018…@ 21yrs old…he got a gastorial intestinal infection that he couldn’t fight @ that age…& I lost him. From his live food. Things have come so far in our food sources & our options as keepers… & our knowledge of keeping in general. I look forward to positive people perpetuating the best we can give these beautiful animals.


So happy that you decided that is to be your primary community. We live positive people, and especially those who want to share their knowledge and encourage others in the ways of reptile keeping. Again welcome :heart: I am looking forward to see from you on the forum.


Welcome to the forum! You have quite the collection! I’m looking forwards to seeing some pictures


Thanks so much…@ lumpy!

I definitely post pics!! Lol. For everyone thO…if you have a general snake question…I can probably answer it. ;)) not as good with morphs & such… I know my different species thO…especially anything local Illinois. :slight_smile:


I’m actually incubating some ringneck snakes currently. They are from I wild caught female…& wasnt post to be a thing…but she popped before released…so incubating ringnecks…lol. & yes…perfectly aware I can not sell or trade them. Will be released into an existing breeding population.


Cannot stress enough…know Your local/ state laws. ;))

In Illinois…as long as it’s not threatened or endangered in pockets…all snakes can be collected with a fishing license. Listed the same as eating frog legs or snapping turtle. Technically.

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Oh…btw…did math once… he didnt always eat 15$ giant live rats…but for 15yrs he did…between caging…lighting…not even factoring in electricity. For 21yrs…I spent on my one boa …cost me litterally almost 18000. No joke. Just perspective for people keeping multiple decade pets…

Spent alot on litter in retrospect I coulda got cheaper…to be far too

Literally thO…15$…x 52weeks…times 15 yrs…is 11700…itself…