Surprise Het

These babies hatched back in May, and here’s some pics of them after their first sheds (older photos).

The pairing was a virgin 3k gram cinnamon to a banana bumblebee Spector.

I was most confused with the first baby.

100% a visual hypo, no question about it.

The next baby didn’t throw much of a red flag, it’s just a cinnamon

Then the last two, I’m not good at figuring out if they’re visual hypo or not, as banana makes it a little tricky to me.
The first one is a banana cinnamon and what I believe to be hypo, as the oranges are not as “orange” as the ones I’ve seen online that aren’t hypo, and the purples are very much ghost like that I see in my ghi visual hypo I have.

And the last is a banana spider (no pastel as I feel it’s too dark, and maybe hypo?) could use some thoughts on whether hypo is present in this one as well.

Below are photos of the parents, clearly neither is a visual hypo, but was sold them without the impression that they had any hets.

Bonus pic of the banana cinnamon about a month ago. Hard to get photos without them seeming washed out or over exposed; and too cold to go outside to photo them.

Any thoughts?

Side note, mom did get paired to my ghi hypo male at the start of the season one time; but no locks were observed and genetics still don’t add up for him to be the dad.

Am I safe to assume mom and dad are both het hypo?


Can you post different pictures on a solid backround in good lighting.I hate to be the wrench in the cog but that doesn’t look hypo to me in these pictures.

Tried to take a few more, one on black and one on white. Let me know if these help. She looks like every single gene hypo/ghost I’m able to find online


I don’t think it’s hypo personally. Here is a female single gene I have you can see the difference in color

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Yours is more of a gray scale hypo, to me the one I have looks like an orange ghost hypo. Like the attached image, I don’t see a difference between this one and mine, color wise.

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If you don’t see hypo, are they thinking it’s just a normal?

What about the banana cinnamon?

All the hypo I hatch out is from a orange ghost line. I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s hypo.

Interesting. I’m keeping her to raise and breed, but I’m also pairing the mom to my ghi hypo this year, so if I get an visual hypo babies I’ll know moms a het.

Do you think that baby is just a normal then? Color is way lighter and “grey” and she has clear sheds.

Maybe Spector? What’s its belly look like?


Looks hypo to me maybe citrus hypo?

I’m saying single gene Spector no hypo. Neither parent are known hets and none of the rest of the clutch looks hypo to me.

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Specter is a gene I’m not familiar with and is hard to get an understanding on by looking up online. I’ll try to do some more learning.

Hypo in banana combos seems hard also, because it seems like the banana spider hypos I see look like my banana spider and the banana cinnamon looks hypo as well, so I’ve got a lot to learn still. Maybe I also suck with getting quality pictures to id them also

Thanks for the feedback by the way, and hopefully i don’t come across as defensive, just trying to ask as much as i can to learn what i can.

No problem always happy to help!

Not at all!

Like I said I could be wrong hypo can be tricky to identify in general. And I find identification easier in general in person. You see the true colors!

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Couldn’t agree more. i’m going to spend some time figuring out how to better photograph my snakes as well. some breeders seem to capture the true colors so well, while i’m sitting here looking at the pic and thinking it looks like a different animal entirely.

From all the photos and your description of the first baby, I see visual hypo 100%. The blacks are steely grey not true black and you did say the shed is clear, both scream hypo.

It could be spector, but from my understanding of the gene that doesn’t account for clear sheds or non black background. From what I’ve seen some snakes are advertised as yb or spector cause they are in the same complex and hard to tell apart if both are possible in the offspring but only one is present. (If both are present I believe it’s a super stripe). The single gene spectors I’ve seen have normal black backgrounds.

As for bananas with ghost… good luck. Lol
I once asked a breeder how he knew his banana hatchling was hypo his reply was that both the parents were…


I’m most likely not going to be breeding the banana cinny because he has a pretty intense kink with some messed up scales about 1/4 of the way down his body. He eats fine and is thriving, probably the chunkiest out of all his siblings. Made me sad to see this because it’s the number one combo I wanted from that clutch.

You can see it pretty apparent in that photo.

Are you judging by pictures you have seen or examples you have hatched?

I’m judging his photos to visual hypo I have or have had and those I’ve seen at shows.