T 10 from AP Set Up With Table

So as many of you know I have been waiting on my T 10 from Animal Plastics for some time. It arrived in the middle of the week, last week and now is being set up. First I had to build a table for it to sit on. I decided to go with a table out of black iron and a wooden top. The table ended up being 50in x 24in x 44in. I used Birchwood, and Minwax wood finish; classic gray 271. It has two shelves 12 inches deep at the levels of 16 and 32 inches.

The tank itself was very easy to assemble and get to the sealing stage (comes with tank).

Now I have to wait 2-7 days for the silicone to cure. I will update soon!!


Looks like a nice looking setup so far. If you have a small fan you can toss it in the enclosure to help the silicone to cure, and to disperse the funky smell. What will you be housing in this once ready?


BI, he’s is a hypo


Nice Riley! You’ll be happy with that enclosure, I use AP cages as well and they are the best cage on the market I think…their racks not so much.
Happy to see Kai is going to get all the room he’d ever need, and now you know with his old enclosure free…you need another snake :grin:.


Maybe it will happen soon :wink:


I have set up the heating tape. It is flexwad for Reptile Basics. I was a section of 18’’ for the hot side or spot, and 30 ish inches for the cool side. Both are regulated by VE 300 x2.

I am probably going to update tomorrow or a few days for the decorating. :partying_face:


Finally got the humidity in check, and he is very happy with his new set up. Here it is in its full glory!

Hope you all enjoy the journey🤣


Awesome!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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