Tell me your favorite morph!

I think it would be cool if everyone said there favorite morph and maybe show some pictures! Mine are banana, pied and banana pied! (I know it’s confusing but just think about it) also I’m hungry for some pie! Especially some banana pie…


I mean is it ball python specific?? Or just any morph?


Personally, I love Asphalt, and banana pied! They’re soooo pretty! I don’t have any bps yet, but my plan is to get a banana pied as my first one once I do


I really like pied, grey matter (I know the issues associated with them but they’re still so pretty), and pastel freeway!


Leopard Clown has always been one of my favorites


I really like Highway and Freeway (though I struggle to tell them apart). In addition to the fact that they’re strikingly beautiful, they’re also one of relatively few morph names that actually makes sense to me!

I also like pinstripe (another morph name that makes sense), both alone and in combos. The series of intricate little fine lines instead of the big blotchy normal pattern just looks really lovely to me. And it combines with a lot of other morphs really beautifully.

There are many other morphs I like too (and it seems like I’m always learning about new ones I’d never heard of), but I think highway/freeway and pinstripe are currently my favourites.


I think my favorite BP type is the normal because there are still many different markings


My favorite is definitely the one I went for- Finnley is a Black Eyed Lucy (Super Fire)


Favorite that I have or favorite that I want?

I was blown away to discover monsoon after years away from the ball python internet. Still a ways off of MAYBE actually producing one myself. Just something about that intricate pattern does it for me. I gather some are pessimistic about it because it tends to dominate combinations and the high end game is all about combos but I like it by itself and am working on a few potential combos that might be minor improvements.

The abyss ball python is also a goal in progress for me.

My favorite ball actually in my modest collection varies from time to time but is currently this chocolate enchi pastel yellow belly (pos het VPI axanthic and desert ghost) holdback girl.


Me too! I love love love The Abyss

This girl is my first step towards hopefully making some


Nice! I way over committed my mahogany male this year after he failed to breed his first winter for 2022. With any luck I should have several GHI mahogany combo girls to pick as holdbacks. I just have too many projects for my available space but got to keep at least a couple holdback girls capable of making abyss. Do you think any additional genes could even improve abyss? Like would two copies of GHI make it better or worse? Would pastel ruin it or do something interesting? Any other dark genes like chocolate or leopard? How about a hypo abyss?


So I’m planning on pairing Ghirardelli (GHI Mahogany girl above) with a blackhead mahogany and preferably yellowbelly male (still to be acquired) down the road, but I think any of the dark genes would be fun to toss in there. I’m personally just trying to avoid getting a male with either Cinnamon or Black Pastel since my other GHI girl also has Cinnamon


I was just thinking I should have included blackhead. Unfortunately my current blackhead male hasn’t started breeding yet but I might have to try him with my only for sure mahogany girl, a harlequin mahogany Spotnose. She needs to grow a bit more and has recently started a fast and I was going to use a chocolate male on her so might not get a blackhead mahogany any time soon.

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Love this picture!


Super banana pastel

That’s my male but i would prefer a female- working on it.


Mine is Mojave and Pied, so i combined them and got the best morph ever. MOJO PIED


Banana Enchi Asphalt Yellow Belly


Firefly clowns, and firefly pieds. Or… Firefly clown pieds. Absolutely stunning animals! Making a superfly clown pied is my absolute DREAM someday :heart_eyes: i really think fire/superfly is such an underrated combo!


I want to see a picture of the mojo pied please