Terrible News, Help Needed

I need responsible homes for my animals on short notice. Possible boarding, if that is a possibility. I can pay.

Those of you who are on here regularly remember my accident last April. You may have noticed I have been a lot less active since then, although I do post on CB.

I have been experiencing a long chain of consequences regarding my accident since it happened in April.
I have lost so much. I’ve lost almost everything.

I am currently in temporary transitional housimg with a new job in my new area and my animals are being boarded at a local rescue for $300 a month. I visit them weekly to maintain and care for them. It’s way less than ideal, but they are not suffering for my misfortune, and that’s what matters.

Unfortunately, due to reasons i will not go into, i need to evacuate my animals from their current situation. My backup plan seems to have fallen through. I have nowhere to keep my animals after i evacuate them. I am figuring out a plan for short term and hoping for something long term. But more than likely, I am looking at rehoming at least half. I’m going to try to keep as many as i can, given how crucial these animals are to my health and happiness. I absolutely cannot bring them to where I am staying. Even in this situation.

I need help, I need a plan. Worst case scenario, I need new, QUALIFIED responsible homes for my sweet babies. They do not deserve to be in this situation with me. I cannot risk them facing homelessness. And unfortunately, I cannot depend on my local reptile rescue.

Now located in Auburn WA, please let me know if any of you can help. Once again, i do have a job, i am working towards economic recovery. I have the means to pay for their lodging. I just need a place to board. And some new homes for snakes approaching crisis.

This is the hardest thing i have done to date.
Thank you in advance.


This is extremely sad to read @auriea but hopefully we can help.

I recommend adding the species and quantities to your post, and also writing up a contract if you wish to have the animals returned to you in the future. With a clear duration, responsibilities (who pays for the vet visits, feeding, substrate…), access … etc. Just cover all of your bases.



1.0 Dumerils Boa, 15 years old, Eros.

1.0 IMG 50% Anery BCI, 5 years old, Leo

1.0 Jungle Carpet Python, 3 or 4 years old, Monty

0.1 Chomehead Sumatran STP, 3 years old, Lilith
(Has an active R.I. and was awaiting vet care prior to crisis)


1.0 BEL Ball Python, 3 years old, Link
(exact morphs unknown)

1.0 Bumblebee Ball Python, 8 years old, José
(Has chronic respiratory illness, an active R.I., and is receiving medication and awaiting follow up and further testing to confirm cause of chronic distress.)

1.0 Suriname BCC, 2 years old, Haku

1.0 Boiga Dendrophila Melanota, unknown age, Chicken Elizabeth Nugget
(Sorry, i don’t really have better photos of him. He’s a hands-off animal.)

1.0 Mexican Black Kingsnake, 5 years old, Zen

As far as the particiulars go I think that will depend on the boarder/new owner situation. I am willing to come to an agreement prior to writing in any particulars.
Generally, in a boarding situation, i would be responsible for their care. I would pay for vet visits and food and supplies. I would prefer to board somewhere where i can visit my animals, but it’s not necessary if there are no other options.
In a new owner situation, i would be releasing them into your care. They would furthermore be your animal(s) and you would be responsible for providing their vet care, lodging, food, supplies, etc.


I am so, so sorry to hear that you are going through some tough times. I think we all know just how much you absolutely adore them and how hard this must be for you. I really hope you will end up being able to get them all back eventually.

I will need to do some convincing but I may be able to take in either Zen, Monty, José, or Link. If I am able to, I would more so count on me being able to take in Zen or Monty as Zen is small and won’t take up much space and jungle carpets are one of the very few snakes I have seen my dad actually seem to almost admire. Would we be able to get some sizes, length and weight, so I can figure out if I have space for them? Would you be able to pay for the enclosure and heating as I don’t really have the budget to pay for that (I am trying to save for some bigger enclosures for my current reptiles along with saving for any potential vet visits my animals need). An estimate of how long we would have to have them would also be helpful. I will do everything I can to help even if I can’t help “keep” them. I would do it for free I will just for the initial setup supplies (enclosure, heating, and decor) and I am willing to pay for the rest.

I am located in PA so visiting wouldn’t be very easy especially since you would probably have to fly (and I think that money is most likely to be used for more important stuff). I would be willing to send daily pics though.

The chances of this working out though aren’t as high as I would like sadly. I know you said you didn’t want to get into the specifics and I totally respect that but knowing those reasons may be able to help me do some convincing and raise the possibility of it working out. If you would like to then feel free to personal message me or if you would rather not go into detail just please say so and I will not mention it again.

Again I hope the best for you and I really think this is the right choice given your current situation.


My heart hurts for you @auriea. I’m currently trying to rehome my dog, so while I can’t fully know the emotional pain you’re experiencing, I can empathize. It’s such a difficult decision to re-home our beloved pets. I wish I was closer, I would absolutely help - whether as temporary housing or a permanent placement. Unfortunately I’m on the other side of the country and I’m unsure if you’re willing to ship. I’m assuming you’d prefer your pets stay local. Please feel free to PM me if you need anything though, even just to vent. Sending good vibes your way :purple_heart:


I am really sorry about all of what’s going on and i really hope it get better soon. Wishing you the best of luck in this not ideal situation. :heart:


@auriea this breaks my heart. I wish I could help you as I would in a heartbeat. I know this doesnt help you in your time of need but you will be in my thoughts. I will start asking around as I have friends all over the US.


Oh no, I am so sorry, @auriea. I know how much you love your snakes, so I know how heartbreaking this decision must have been for you, but the fact that you’re willing to make such a hard choice to protect the well-being of your animals shows what a wonderful person you are. I hope you’re able to get back on your feet soon.

I’m in SoCal, so definitely not local to you. If that’s not a deal-breaker, feel free to message me. Also feel free to message me if you just want to talk. I’m always happy to listen if you ever need to vent. Hang in there, and know that this community loves you and is rooting for you. :heart:


I’m truly sorry that you’re still facing so manydifficult challenges. @auriea . You’ve been through so much already. We do love and respect you. I don’t know what I can do from here, but I’m always happy to listen if you need an ear.


Hey guys, thank you so much for all of the love and support. You guys remind me what this community is about and what it should always be.
To those of you that have reached out to me, i see you, and i am working to get replies out as soon as i can. Please allow me some time to respond. I get overwhelmed easily and that can slow things down a good bit on my end. I am taking the time to give out detailed, thoughtful replies to every one of you. And thank you again so much for reaching out and offering an ear, your help, checking in, etc. It means so so so much to me i cannot tell you.

There isn’t a whole lot of positive community up here in Washington, i don’t know what’s up with that, but it’s true. The best people are hidden away in their private collections or breeding facilities, not interacting with their fellow keeper. Pair that with the typical drama that you can always expect to encounter in any industry, that never shuts up, and what you get is a disconnected community with a lot of bad apples dominating the culture.
Maybe it’s because we coastal northerners don’t talk to eachother all that much in general. Seattle freeze and all that. But it’s always been my pleasure first and foremost to witness and participate in a community of people that do talk to eachother, actually get to know eachother, and look out for one another when the going gets tough. You guys are the highlight of this hobby and i hope y’all never stop.

Unfortunately, when it rains it pours. And it’s looking like a hurricane over here. I’d be lying if didn’t admit that a part of the reason i haven’t been as active on here is due to the feeling of shame and failure that i have been battling with throughout this whole situation. I’ve been holding onto my animals by the skin of my teeth, and the problem with that is how easy it is to drop something that’s slipping.
I swear, life can be so hard. I don’t gotta preach about that. But as a proud and stubborn person by nature, admitting that my abilities to fulfull commitments that i made in earnest is compromised, due to something as trivial as a circumstance, is like forcing myself to drink a bowl of boiling lava.
Hard times end, good times come back eventually. But living beings don’t. And that’s also what’s hard.
I have come to love my animals for so much more than just what they are. The color of their skin, the rarity of the species, genetic potential… That’s nothing. The living being that i interact with day to day? That’s priceless. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.
I raised some of these animals from snakelet to adult. I have seen them grow into individuals that stole my heart. Shy, inquisitive, quirky, willful, sweet, downright adorkable. I never thought i could fall for a reptile like i have now. But i have.

So when the going gets tough, they get fed before I do. I remember back in my first apartment, little studio on Hoyt Avenue, when winter came my job cut my hours down to just two days a week. I ate one meal a day to keep them fed. My family didn’t like it when they found out, and i get it. But i just don’t know when to quit.

I don’t know, this is probably all a bit much, but i just don’t know. What i do know is that rent prices keep going up while wages get worse and nobody wants to rent to a reptile keeper. In an economy where owning a home is treated as an investment rather than a necessity, with prices no average young adult can obtain on their own even with a good wage, overtime, and hard, hard work, expecting every reptile owner to own a home or don’t keep is unreasonable at best, and an attack on the reptile community’s foundational demographic, the average keeper, at worst. I think that’s something we as a community need to be talking about way more than we currently are.

I wouldn’t be in this situation to start with if it wasn’t for the prejudice people have against my animals. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I’m a damn good keeper. I LOVE my animals like my children. And good keepers like me are being driven out of the hobby by the thousands at the hands of the housing market’s prejudice. Matter of fact, one of the animals in my care came from someone else, just like me, who ended up in the same situation. Haku was in a good home. His first owner was a good keeper who knew her stuff. How many animals have to loose good, loving homes over this? I don’t want to hide my animals. They deserve the same comforts and access to pet parks and enrichment opportunities as any other animal. Snakes make BETTER apartment pets than any other commonly kept animal and I’m tired of the hypocrisy.
What blows me away is that even with a great credit score, a legitimate ESA letter, fantastic rental history, (with anyone who gave me a chance) a stable and respectable income, hefty rental insurance, a triple pet deposit, pet resumes, reptile refrences, AND lock secured venomous level caging, i still cannot find housing with my animals. They don’t even give me a chance, they hear snake and hang up.
I don’t understand why this is not being adressed within the community. I want to change that.

Pets need homes. They need to be allowed to stay in their original, loving homes. There’s too many homeless reptiles as it is, and that’s only getting worse.

I don’t know, I’ve just been dancing this jigg too long to not talk about it’s part in the scope of things that’s got me here. I just wish things weren’t so hard for the kids like us, who came up from nothing. Even without pets to look after.
At the end of a hard day, these animals are what keeps me going. I hate being an American. Knowing that it’s my American nightmare that facilities other people’s American dream. People with the rights and resources to create a monopoly over my essentials, who only care about me about as far as my potential to make them more money.
I’m autistic, i can’t handle injustice. It makes no sense to me how some people can treat other people like livestock animals and not even bother to give them a good enclosure. Only treating us like individuals with control over our own lives when it’s convenient to avoid accountability.
It makes my skin crawl. Makes me question why i do any of this. I’m already disadvantaged enough, what with the disabilities, lack of familial support due to a poor economic lot, the Autism and the fact that I’m a girl. (Which makes it way way harder to obtain proper treatment for autism, if you’re wondering why that matters.)
Makes it hard to keep going.
But my snakes make it easier. They are my little joy. (My special interest, which i think should come with some disability related protections for all autistics since a special interest is literally the most important thing in an autistics health and happiness. …Which you may have been able to conclude for yourself, given how i talk about them.)
For them, i can keep going.
I think that’s also a big part of the reason why i can’t imagine loosing them… why i would starve myself to keep them happy if times got tough.

Yet again, I don’t know. I spend too much time thinking about things, I suppose.
But if you love 'em, let 'em go. And i will if it’s for their best. I just don’t know what i would even do without snakes in my life. I was just a kid when I got José. Young and lost, with nothing to my name, but a rental room, some clothes, a borrowed mattress from family, and some donated dishes from the local church. I built all i have with my bare hands. I built it for them. They made me a better person… Not keeping snakes would be like drifting…

Sorry this is so long, and a lot of sharing. But i value open honesty and i think there’s a lot we all can learn from other people’s lived experiences. It would be cool if i might convince you to think a bit about housing, and those other more invisible or intangible enemies to our hobby. Maybe one day i might see more than one video about it by GoHerping on YouTube if it was discussed more often and with the gravity i feel it deserves.


Oh, btw, on a lighter note: is there an award for longest comment on mmrc? Because if so i think i just earned it.


I can definitely message you with some more particulars. I went pretty ham in my big message, but that isn’t the immediate crisis, more just general prevaling issues.
None of those animals have found placement either temp or permanent yet, so i can definitely talk to you about it. I can ship, but i do worry about the temps at this time of year.


I would prefer them to stay local, but i am willing to ship. I would just have to have a written document signed before anything like that happens in a boarding situation to ensure we know duration, responsibilities, return, etc etc.


Thank you, sincerely. If you find anything, let me know. I appreciate your support regardless.


Thank you Jennifer, (do you prefer Jen?)

I would be more than happy to message you. Thank you so much for the kind words. It brought me to tears. I try. I appreciate you as well. You are a very fun person to share a forum with, and a keeper of high caliber.


No worries Caryl, i always appreciate you popping up on my feed. You are super rad. I hope all is going well over in your neck of the woods too.


I appreciate you being so open and honest. You’re right regarding housing injustices in general (don’t get me started on these rental prices) and specifically with snakes. I’m also Autistic and female, so I know exactly what you mean in regards to some of your struggles. Snakes are a special interest of mine as well by the way! The world was not made for us neurodivergent folks. I’m also a social worker by training and therapist by trade so your comment resonated on so many levels. These kinds of things make my blood boil and my heart break. I wish I could do more, I wish I could just fix all of these systemic issues. For you and everyone else. Like you, I can’t stand unfairness and injustice. I can’t stand human (or animal) suffering. However, I can tell from your post that you adore your animals. I can tell from your comment just how much you love them and you’re willing to sacrifice for them. You’re a good keeper and a good human who has been put in a horribly unfair situation. I truly hope this works out for the best and you’re able to get your babies back into your care soon. Reach out to others who are closer first. I’m hoping there are some community members who live in or closer to Washington than I do (I’m in PA). But if you truly can’t find anyone local, I’d be willing to talk further about what you’d like to do. Depending on if you’re boarding or permanently placing them with me would depend on how many I can take on. Please try to take care of yourself the best you can. Sending more good vibes your way


There’s really no logical reason to disallow pet snakes, aside from the prejudice of the general public against snakes (and by extension the people who keep them). They’re not going to damage any property or furniture the way a cat or dog would, they’re not going to shed or pee/poop on the carpet, and they’re not going to keep the neighbours awake with barking or squawking. I guess the heating elements may present a minor statistical fire risk, but far less so than, say, a stove or oven, or a lit candle, and landlords don’t disallow those. It’s nonsensical, to say the least. And buying a house is totally out of the question for most of us who were born after 1985 or so.

I’m probably a close second. :joy: I don’t know why I’m so verbose in text form, but I’ve definitely written some novellas on here. Glad I’m not the only one. :joy:


@auriea I am so sorry that I missed this post without responding! There is not a whole lo add to what has already been said so I am going to echo my heartfelt sympathy to you for the distress you are experiencing. This old world is a wilderness right now and unfortunately it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Your animals are wonderful and well cared for. Which says a lot about the wonderful pet keeper and person you are!

I do wish I could help you out with boarding ALL of your animals, if it were not for my husband. I have 22 snakes right now all in my room in the house which is my bedroom. This is the only room I am allowed to have them. And my room is bursting at the seams right now.

I only have 2 things to add to what has already been said. Have you considered contacting your vet regarding your situation? A lot of reptile vets work with rescue groups/adoption/foster care. Foster care would be a great solution.

The only thing I literally can do for you is pray for you. There is power in prayer. I know that for a fact. I don’t even have to know the specifics of your situation to pray for you because God knows. So I am tagging @lumpy Riley and hopefully he knows who else to tag. Riley we need to start a prayer chain.

God bless you sweet @auriea. :heart::pray:


I actually don’t know lol :joy:. But I can start a chat between me, you, and @caryl for that. And if anyone wants to be added, just pm me and I can add you.