The best pet boa...hands down.. Dumerils

Eretria…my Dumerils. 1st & only


Try so hard…but cant capture the pink & olive you see in real life on her. Besides being gorgeous…as a keepers of BCI…& a BCC now…the Dumerils…She is my favorite. Stronger…chiller…slower growing…

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Absolutely my favorite… try not to play favorites…but…Dumerils…are the best!! @ least mine is. ;))

I can understand why you feel they’re the best.

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Mgbs are pretty awesome too.


Gorgeous…I bet! Bucket list still… but I want MTB so bad too!! Yours are gorgeous

I’d always wanted a Dumerils & I’m soo happy I own one. I’ve had her now since 2019… & just the best boas ever. I’ma fan of other "ground " boas too…I have Solomons…& an Indonesian. Although still totally not the same…or as cool. Lol

Absolutely love just how deep orange the top one is!!

Dumerils are the top of my list for future large snakes. I’ve held a couple and adored them. Plus I love their pattern.

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Gorgeous snakes…by themselves (without morphs)& I’ve found to be more laid back than boa constrictors… alittle stronger…but way less likely to have any issues… all around… humidity…temp variables… pissy off days…

I can just cup Eretria’s head…no problem…she doesn’t care…nothing bugs her…& she loves being out.

Does yours have the insane food response my Dumerils has? I have to ensure to break his feed response a few times (more than with most of my other snakes) with the hook or definitely getting a bite. Its all good because outside the cage he’s a sweet heart unless he’s been sitting out for a bit and u go pick him up and startle him (then ya might get some teeth in your arm or hand lol).

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Yeah mine is all about her food…always hungry! Acts like I starve her!! She is about 3 & I keep her on a once a week schedule like my others. She is hooked trained…but can still be a pain to get out sometimes. Once out she is a sweetheart thO. I can pretty well do I want with her…& I trust her with kids(under supervision)

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Didnt manage to record her doing it…but so food motivated… ever so often she will coddle luer.( wagging her tail @ me!!) Tonight I’m going threw feedings & I cant get my smoke rat order till 2mars. She is upset I’m feeding everyone around her…started wagging her tail!! Like crazy…cant get her to just do it for a vidoe…of course…

Small** rat order

Anyone else seen your ground boas doing g this!?

Only seen her do it one other time now. She was whipping it back & forth thO not just kinda…it was hilarious really… Yes…I’m feeding…yes yes…I see you…lol

My female Dumeril was one of the best boas I owned very friendly. Loved come out and hanging out with me. She was very strong and would hold on very tight to you. Never to hurt you, just to hold on and feel safe. But on feeding day she would bite anything near her. She had a feeding response like a retic and hit everything with all 30 + LBS of her self. Unfortunately she passed away a few years ago with babies in her.


30+ lbs is big!! She must been so cool!! Sorry she passed…

Here is a old picture of her back in 2014 and a pic of her 2017 babies. Wish I kept a few babies now. She died in 2018 did even know she was garvid then. Never had her with a male then she retained sperm from the first breeding.