The dream just got real. Super Special Super Enchi Power!


Made possible in a joint effort with Sven Baumann

7 years in the planning/making, and by rights surely my best hatchling of the 2019 season. :astonished:These colours are the real deal and fully unedited, …the kind of stuff I dream about at night.

Behold, His Royal Highness the:

Super Enchi Super Special :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow, that’s a killer combo!


Wow I really like this :heart_eyes:

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That’s beautiful. Congrats !

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That’s some sweet action there! Big Special fan here. Congrats!

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Special is so underrated. Great vision and execution producing this snake, congrats!


Congrats! hard work and patience really paid off big time with this combo.


Congratulations that’s a very beautiful snake!

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That is a beauty all right!

Soooooo beautiful.

@martin_ender OMG!!! That’s freaking gorgeous

Thanks so much guys. I’m glad you like him too. Mind you: I couldn’t see how not.

The other side of the deal has now shed as well, and I blelieve him to be the Super Special Enchi. It’s going to be fun doing a side-by-side with these two guys, still trying to get the colours right.

Wish me luck!!! :v::wink:


Holy crap. That is absolutely beautiful.

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Thats one of those, “shut up and take my money” kinda beauties.

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I liked that so much I had to get working on it my self. A NOCO line Crystal breeding an Enchi girl


Your Enchi is stunning, working with NOCO will MOST CERTINLYy give you an advantage!!! and I’m very sure of that one:,… It will be worth making the effort. :v::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Lovely to see people willing to go the distance.


Holy moly talk about eye candy! So beautiful!

You’ve seen it here first folks!!! :wink::v:

Let me bring in the brother now, as he graciously decided to shed as well. Given the fact that there’s almost nothing to compare these animals to, I currently assume him to be the sightly toned down version, and therefore: Enchi Super Special. As the rest of this, and the second clutch in question unfolds, it is now confirmed that mum is a Yellow Belly also,…which means these 2 here could also be Yellow Belly, and there’s no way on earth to know, at this point in time. So basically what you’re seeing, and to the very best of my knowlege are:

1.0 Super Special Super Enchi pos. Yellow Belly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:
1.0 Super Special Enchi pos. Yellow Belly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


Thats a nice snake, always glad to see something pop up that refreshes my enthusiasm for the market!

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