This beauty didn't make it

I had 5 out of 8 pipped so I cut open the other 3 and they were dead. Very disappointed that this one didn’t make it


That’s disappointing. What was the pairing and what morph do you think that snake was?


Black pastel pastel enchi lemonback lesser x hgw and I have no idea what it was. It was very pretty. Looked like a tiger print orange with black stripes

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hard to tell because if they are under developed the colors aren’t as accurate. I see enchi and hgw but that’s all i can tell from the photo. Likely lesser and or black pastel is influenced there too. I don’t work with lemonback. Maybe @saleengrinch can throw in some thoughts too.

Based on the pairing, I don’t think it could be enchi AND black pastel unless the HGW parent was also carrying one of these genes. From what I understand enchi and black pastel are allelic. So the parent carrying both could have only passed on one or the other.

I was aware of cinnamon and enchi being called allelic… haven’t seen it with black pastel yet. But yes your comment makes sense if that is true.

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I believe it was enchi lemonback hgw

I have not personally worked with black pastel and enchi together either but it seems pretty accepted that they are allelic as noted on this thread.

Allelic Morphs aka Complexes

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The rest of the clutch. I will share more pics after their 1st shed

I’m in agreement and enchi is a part of the eight ball/gargoyle complex and is allelic to all genes in it.

Given that super cinnamons/black pastels have issues, maybe even two different alleles within the commplex is sufficient to cause some level of lethality. Has this ever been documented or reported before?

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I have never heard of a single issue in the complex besides from cinny x cinny, black pastel x black pastel, and cinny x black pastel.


I’m sorry about your loss. I know that can be disappointing, but at least you still have 5 healthy babies!

Yes and I am excited to see the soul sucker combos when they shed

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They are starting to shed. First 2



Super nice! Love soul suckers!