Time for another round of "normal or not"

Found this little guy on craigslist and thought he looked more fire of some sort, but thought I’d get some more experienced opinions



Pastel 100% at a minimum… Show us that belly :blush:

Here’s my Yellowbelly Pastel het Lav …


Thanks! I didn’t know if it was pastel because the eyes didn’t look green in that picture, but it’s hard to tell. I’m going to call tomorrow when they’re open and try to get better pictures


If you can, try and send them this…

Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help

It might help them with selling animals aswel if they take better picture :blush:

All the ad said was “Ball Python Baby, 2020 Hatched, unsexed, available for rehoming fee; call or come by Mon - Sat 1 - 6PM to see or for more information; ad will be removed when no longer available.”, so I wonder if they think it’s a normal? I kind of don’t want to suggest it isn’t in case that raises the price…

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I’d give them a call and try and ask what the parents were or ask if you can see them when you pick her/him up.

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