Tips for a new breeder

Hi! I’m a new breeder starting out with my partner, I want to hear your tips or what you wish someone would have told you!
I currently have 6.11 ball pythons, with one female being gravid!
I’d love to hear your advice, or just see your cute snakes.

Unpopular advice, but advice I still give every time I see this type of question - You do not have to breed an animal just because it is there.

All too often I see people breeding “just because” rather than putting actual thought into what they are doing/working toward.

Think about what it is you really want to see in your collection and then work toward making that. Using your couple listed animals as an example, if you do not like Pewters then it would probably be a bad idea to pair these two animals. Because you might get Pewters. Maybe a lot of Pewters. Then you have to keep them and raise them until you can sell them all. And if you do not like Pewters, then every day you go in to work on your animals and have to look at them, you slowly start to lose your interest. With that lost interest comes a lowering of the care you give. Then you have less robust or dirty animals, which further kills you interest. The cycle feeds back on itself and before you know it, you no longer enjoy the hobby.

There is nothing wrong with waiting for the perfect animal to come along to complete a pair. There is nothing wrong with taking three or four or five years to grow the animals up before breeding them. As anyone who has been in this hobby for a while will tell you, it is a marathon and not a race


I agree. That’s why I completely switched gears a couple of months ago and decided to become a hognose breeder instead of a bp breeder. I like ball pythons, but really only as pets. I just realized that I really have no interest in breeding ball pythons, at least not regularly.

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Thank you! I try to only get morphs I’m interested in, and several of mine are just variations of my favorite morphs (pinstripe, calico, cinnamon)
Thank you though! I definitely feel the need to go quickly but I try not to sacrifice my personal favorites/ goals for that :grin:


@sio0303 Thats the right attitude, do what makes you happy or its a chore.
t_h_wyman said it perfectly.
HI, also listen to the unpopular advice, it will make all the differance,

The only thing I would add on another topic, is, You have few males.
If a male does not do the business your plans fail. Its always good to have a back up male.

Have a look at other threads in this subject. Like for 1 example the thread below.

Also have fun :slight_smile:

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