To breed or not to breed: harlequin with pinstripe?

Yeah, it seems you have to wait until they’re adult to see if any spots develop.

But since it’s a dominant gene, it can’t be carried. So if you mate a non-dalmatian with a non-dalmatian and one of them have dalmatians in their linage, they can’t produce dalmatians. Dominant genes can’t be carried. They are easy to breed out.

If they still do have dalmatian babies it means one of the parents, or both, IS a dalmatian. You just haven’t found the spot/spots.

Not necessarily, I’ve had cresties hatch with them and parents have none…
It’s fantastic :sob:

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I had cresties back along with no dals in their lines. Babies hatched with spots if you look at all wild types they usually all have spots. So it’s in the lines regardless :sweat_smile:

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Dalmation a inc-dom too. Not a dominant.

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That means it can’t be a dominant gene. Hmm.

Well, I guess this might explain it (from Foundation Genetics). It might be incomplete dominant.

"Dalmatian spots are a dominant mutation and the simplest to explain as black spots sized from small to large. The variance in this trait can be quite large and the difference between Het and Hzg forms seem to be more spots. We are unsure if it is incomplete dominant and there is a super form. "


Yeah I said that above :smile:

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Co-dom is something different though? It expresses both phenotypes separetely. Like in patches.

Incomplete dominant expresses a mix of both parent’s phenotypes and creates a new phenotype different from the parents’.

(I know I can come across as bold, annoying or a “know it all”, that is never my intention though. I love to discuss, explore and learn and will never think badly of the people I’m discussing with)


That’s what I meant, I’ve corrected.
Sorry I’m running on 4 hours sleep and starting work early today. Ive just been out feeding them all and trying to catch up :sweat_smile:

But yes incdom.
And there’s a super form. X


No worries <3
I hope you get some rest!

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It’s too late here :joy:

Luckily not in til 11 tomorrow! Yay :relaxed:

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Hahaha I love these discussions.

Spots are annoying because it can appear anywhere! I’ve seen Cresties produce no spots, carries no spots & no recent lineage of spots (4 generations at least) yet produced spots when put together.

It’s crazy

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Are all black spots actually dalmatian spots? Can there be more types of black spots? Can you have “black portholes”? Black spots that appear from something “going wrong” with the colour development in the egg? That aren’t hereditary in the same way as the dalmatian trait.

You can get black ‘spot’ like paradox. A breeder I know has a Crestie with a random black giant splodge.

Can’t get black portholes from what I know, never seen them anyway.

But unless a form of paradox then it’s spots or blobs as I call the bigger messy ones that are blob like, like my girl has :sweat_smile:

Anything else black ‘usually’ can mean dying tissue like I’ve seen a lot with tail ends :woman_facepalming:t2:


Could you try and get a picture please?! That would be so cool to see.


She’s actually who has zombie so I’ll try get it :grin:


She’s called mouldy :grin:


Oh wow. All the dalmatian spots in one place :rofl:

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Well she hasn’t got any other spots still. So she’s wondering if paradoxing I think and going to see if passes on of not.

Cool though! :grin:

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Just found out dad has spots/oil ones.

So I think just a giant spot or cluster in one?

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Looks so weird and awesome

I love the name :+1: