To Shed, Or Not To Shed

How do you know if a ball Python is getting ready to shed, if their belly is always transparent (Where you see the pink, and occasionally blue of veins or even the poop). I have a hard time telling if they’re getting dull, and I like to raise the humidity up when I notice the pink belly (Well, my female gets a pink belly before she sheds.)

Is it normal for a hatchling (About 3 months old from what I was told) to have a transparent belly? (I know Bananas get the trans belly, but I’ve never seen or heard of it on a piebald)

Thanks for helping! Here, have a cute snek photo for your effort!


You can tell if, like you said their bellies turn pink or if they are less active, don’t want to eat and or if they are more finicky. When their eyes cloud over with shed they can become more finicky with not being able to see as well or they will be slightly more aggressive. My best advice is to learn the shed patterns by paying close attention to the next couple of sheds they have with you and then you’ll be able to better see the signs of a approaching shed next time. Hope this helps!


Haha, certainly doesn’t help my boy slams his meals even when his eyes turn blue. He’s pretty active too at night which doesn’t change. He has his days of being lazy but normally that’s just how he is. Just don’t want to make him have improper sheds if I can’t identify before the blue phase

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Most juveniles are weird like that. As your boy ages he will start a pattern. only thing you can really do since he doesn’t show signs is to keep good humidity and let him soak if he gets stuck shed. Mine also like to soak in their bowls or at least try to when they are approaching shedding

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