Too many genes?

I have a 4 gene male and was wondering how much is too much? Is it a bad idea to breed him to a female with multiple genes? Or should I look at it like im increasing my odds to produce valuable snakes?

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depends on the genes some really work well together.


You have to bear in mind odds are not every gene will be passed on to every baby. If you get an idea of what combos you want to make it will really help you pick pairings.


The past two seasons I have done pairs involving seven different genes. It makes ID more than a little difficult at times, but there is never a dull clutch


Now your just showing off Travis lol


This is very true. I am still having difficulty buying genes versus pretty snakes.

@saleengrinch Right but every gene I add has to lower the odds of producing normals

@t_h_wyman this is actually one of my main concerns. not being able to ID the BP lol

its banana lesser pinstripe fire so im thinking about adding multiple dark genes. I bought leopard albino I could always pair with him and get some nice hets

edit: this is an old pic after he was scratched by a rat. i have not given him a live rat since that day.


Add a super on one side and you make zero normals.


Got my eye on a super pastel super vanilla on craigslist right now. Problem is that it seems sketchy so I havent purchased


Get from a reputable breeder or someone you trust


If you want to produce quality snakes you should be looking at quality breeders to buy your initial breeding stock. Start with quality and a plan and I guarantee you will be more happy with the snakes you produce.


I have a few with 4 or more genes. I had 2 six genes but sold 1

Do breeders frown upon you using their name when selling babies produced from their lines? Or is it a case by case basis?

for sure. the reason I didnt purchase was price seems too low and its craigslist

Instead of trying to make sales based on someone else’s name try to build up your name by consistently producing quality snakes.


Youre right thats a good mindset. Hopefully I dont fail too hard

Maybe try to concentrate on working with the snakes you have now. And formulate a game plan on what you want to produce. Don’t get going into to many directions trying to put together a puzzle with pieces that don’t fit can be difficult!


Most of what sale are to people that know me and expos. I have sold a few on mm but not many.

Cherry bomb. I really need to focus on those. BlueEL as well

I have a male super lesser(also have super mojave female for him) so my next should be another female albino.

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THIS is some of the most solid info out there. Every year, I do a re-evaluation of my collection and decide what needs to stay and what needs to go


Generally I go with heavy gene male to less gene females but I have paired a few where the male is 4 gene and so is the female. It also depends on the recessives… Like I don’t count visual to het pairings because I know that I will see those recessives if they have them. So my Champagne OD Calico Het Ghost was paired to my Chocolate butter Ghost last year… either they have the hypo or they don’t.