TRN 2023 Season IDs

At long last, my first clutch this season has all shed out! And as per usual, I’m here to ask for ID confirmations.

I’ll also be using this thread here on out to post about my 2023 babies and to confirm IDs on them if needed.

Without further ado:

Pairing: 1.0 pastel ghi x 0.1 pastel super mojave

Baby 1 - 0.1 pastel ghi mojave

This girl bit me twice already and was just rapid firing at both my fiancé and I. Hopefully this means she’ll be a good eater like momma :joy:

Baby 2 - 1.0 ghi mojave

This little guy is shy, and is our favorite. Unsure if he’ll be a holdback or not.

Baby 3 - 1.0 pastel mojave ?

Nicknamed “Horseshoe” because of the marking on him that looks like a horseshoe.

Baby 4 - 0.1 pastel mojave ?

This girl is ever so slightly brighter than her identical looking brother, and I thought maybe she could be super pastel… but I’m also thinking she’s probably just a regular pastel mojave but slightly better quality.

And of course, the clutch all together:

Opinions appreciated!
TIA :heart:


Just at a quick glance I would completely agree with your proposed Id’s. I love ghi Mojave, some good looking snakes! Congrats!


Agree with nswilkerson1. Looks like you nailed the IDs.


ALL of them are picture perfect! Of course with my dark snakes favoritism, shy guy number 2 is my choice! I need to follow this little boy! :snake::blush:


@nswilkerson1 @graysnake
Thanks! I was mostly unsure on the two pastel mojave babies but did a lot of comparing with pictures before coming to that conclusion!

@caron I know right?? He’s beautiful, I’m trying to decide if I want to keep him or his pastel ghi mojave sister, she’s a female with more genes but he’s more visually appealing with how dark he is :thinking:


I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision! But on the flip side it’s great that you have such amazing snakes that you have produced to choose from! (But I myself couldn’t choose!) Lol! :joy:


Agree with you and @nswilkerson1 on ids. Although the Mojave’s are pretty funky almost like a yb mojo(especially number 3 horse shoe) or something along those lines. Definitely not ghi though, no breaking granite type stuff inside the alien heads and the dorsal of a pastel ghi is pretty wacky and bright. I also love the dark ghi mojo but I love that dorsal and blushing on the pastel ghi mojo that girl is my fave!


2 of these 3 have shed — I’m not looking for any definitive IDs on the third one just because he hasn’t shed, but he does look almost identical to his brother.

Pairing was 1.0 cinnamon mahogany het albino x 0.1 pastave enchi mahogany het albino

Pretty sure this dude is just a mahogany het albino.

I’m thinking maybe enchi mahogany albino?

And picture tax for the runt that’s still in blue. He’s got more white than his brother close to his spine, but I’ll have to wait until he sheds for better pics.


This little dude shed out finally!

Still looking for help on IDs with these guys, mainly the two albinos.


I’m sadly no help with ID’ing abinos, but I’d agree with what your thoughts are as an enchi mahogany albino. I feel like albino with some of the darkening morphs like mahogany is something that’s definitely underrated. Looking great!


Very bright & beautiful colors with both albinos! I like the darker orange that comes up in flames, but seems to go above the side pattern to right under the light dorsal! The head looks very light and blushed too with this last albino! Really hard to id definitely though, both albinos look mahogany to me, I am not seeing mojo in them? Probably Enchi as well, wondering if pastel could be there in the last one at least? Sorry the albinism is really throwing me off for those 2. Hope someone else with more experience in albinos can help more.


@nswilkerson1 @banereptiles

I really love the orange on them myself, reminds me of starburst candies (too bad I already named one of my snakes Starburst, or else the holdback from this clutch would have gotten that name :joy:)

I do wonder if the second one has pastel too, just because the head is so much lighter compared to the other.

This is the first albino clutch I’ve produced so definitely a new one for me — I’ve been comparing and looking up what I can for existing combos but there aren’t a lot of these gene combinations to go off of!

At least the non-albino brother was easy to ID :rofl:


Giving this thread another bump to see if anyone else might have feedback on the IDs!


Nothing? Don’t mean to bug but… I really don’t know how to ID these guys other than albino and likely enchi cuz of the high amounts of orange, the mahogany/mojave/pastel is a big ??? for me :joy::joy:

These three all ate their first meals yesterday btw, which was awesome!


I am so sorry, I just can’t be sure-definitely mahogany maybe with cinnamon or Mojave with Enchi more then likely. Still think the second has pastel? Maybe if we concentrate we could summon up @t_h_wyman or @ballornothing for some much needed help and advice, because:
New Girl I Give Up GIF


Yeah me too, I only have some guesses but no definite ideas.

I’m trying so hard to compare to existing animals but it leaves me more questions than answers — like I do notice the alien heads on the sides of both the albinos are very reduced and almost “mojave” shaped compared to the non-albino mahogany male, but they don’t have any keyholes like you’d expect either.

Yet I can’t find any non-albino examples that look similar. I’ll have to keep looking until someone else with more experience pitches in :thinking:

Edit: Their patterns look similar to this!


I would love to help but right now my internet is borked and exactly none of the pics are showing up so I am worthless for the time being. If/when the net restores itself I will drop back by and see what I can do to help


Oh jeeze, that’s no good! Thank you though, I’d appreciate any help I can get once your internet decides to… unbork itself :joy:


You may be onto something there. The almost solid striped dorsal and the shape of some of the pattern do match up! The only reason why i was leaning more mahogany and less Mojave is like your example; Mojave’s have less of a busy pattern, usually in fact a lot of space inbetween their side pattern while mahogany’s seem more busy to me. That being said with the added Enchi and cinnamon altering the pattern as well I am just not sure. :thinking: So it very well could be exactly this! Good detective work! I would still hope someone with more experience in albinos will confirm or advise.


Yeah, mojave does have a less busy pattern — which still has my head scratching, but this is the closest thing I could find with at least similar alien head markings and the dorsal stripe, and even the coloration (the dark/black along the head and dorsal stripe would match up with the white coloration on the albinos)