TRN Reptiles - 2022 Season

Small update! Most babies are out of the egg, except the one non-banana. She’s taunting me, I swear! :joy:

The little guy is still doing well, and seems to have regained his strength. He’s not as wobbly and weak, and is moving around a little bit more.

I’m unsure if I should move him back in with his siblings to shed, or keep him separate and attempt to feed a bit earlier/assist feed.


I love the picture of the three babies at once! It is such a cool looking photo.

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That top middle baby really looks like it has banana in it. Did I miss something? I thought you said it was yellowbelly to pewter

Edited to add, those 3 all appear to have banana, no?


Oh! I didn’t even notice the typo — the male is in fact a banana yellowbelly, not just a yellowbelly :joy:


With that, the last baby FINALLY came out of her egg, and the little guy is doing well still so I put him back in with his siblings. He’s a bit smaller but is usually tightly balling up :joy:

I’m not sure on the yellowbelly since I still suck at IDing it in combos apparently, but my IDs for them:

2.0 pastel banana poss YB
1.0 cinnamon banana poss YB
1.0 banana pewter poss YB
0.1 pewter poss YB


I love him :blush:

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Thank god I’m not going crazy lol

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Penny’s babies have shed out! Lots of curious babies.
Still questioning the funky pattern seen on most of them :thinking:


They all look super cute, congrats

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I never did finish updating this thread, whoops!

Last clutch all shed out:

Two have already found new homes. The banana pewter male turned out to have a small kink right behind his head, and was sold as a pet only to someone local who has experience with special needs snakes. He started eating on his own after two assist feeds so was established on food ahead of time. The other was the banana pastel male, who was sold to a friend of the lady who bought the kinked baby.

I kept the pewter female and the banana cinnamon yb male.

Runt from clutch # 1 is doing well and is actually eating on his own now!

Two of the “males” from clutch # 2 appear to actually be females — I even had another local breeder probe and pop them to be sure! The sire was a female maker banana so I wonder what the odds of that happening are :joy:


And these are updated pictures of all of the 2022 holdbacks!

0.1 pastel mystic potion - “Marshmallow”

0.1 fire het VPI axanthic - “Pyre”

0.1 banana fire het VPI axanthic - “Blossom”

0.1 banana firefly VPI axanthic - “Rose”

1.0 firefly VPI axanthic - “Aphis”

0.1 normal het piebald - “Rune”

0.1 pewter - “Artemis”

1.0 banana cinnamon yellowbelly - “Cinnabon”


Soooooo cute, I love the firefly vpi most, I think :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: they are all amazing

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