Trouble selling

Just catching up on this thread. I am a “new” breeder as well. I have technically been breeding for two years now but starting out with grow out animals and just one or two adult females I have only had 5 clutches in those 2 years. 2021 will be our first year with multiple adult females and really excited to see what we can do. That being said, there has been some amazing advice from some very amazing breeders posted.

I previously trained dogs and did dog rescue, so going into this I knew from experience that in any business - if your name isn’t out there and you aren’t going to have clients. Reputation will be your biggest help, or your biggest down fall. Customer service is key! I didn’t have any clients when I started my dog businesses, but after 6 years we had waiting lists of adopters for our rescue. It takes time and persistence and hard work.

So knowing that going in I made a facebook page, posted my snakes as I was growing them up, posted pairings etc. Went to shows, made friends with local breeders etc. All of the advice that has been given here. I have had no issues selling babies on morph market or locally. Yes some take months and some sell in a day. But all of the advice given here was great. I’m not producing enough to fill a table up at shows, but I have that network of local breeders that I help them out and they help me out. If someone wants a snake I don’t have, I have sold snakes for other local breeders or referred them, even if I have stuff for sale. HELP each other, don’t try to compete. By doing this and helping my local breeder community, I have breeders who have let me put one clutch on their table when they vend etc.

It’s a slow process but build yourself up, make connections, and stick it out for the long haul. It will be worth it. I’m vending my first show with my own table next weekend. It’s only 2 clutches that I have to take up there and I’m driving 3 hours to do it. I may not sell a single animal, but I’m stoked and excited to be there talking to people with my banner up representing myself! Make yourself memorable, be personable! People who take a card at a show and may not be in a position to buy will remember you and your customer service, and may come back and by a snake from you later by following you on social media etc. I’ve had that happen.

All in all a wonderful thread. Thanks to all that gave advice because even as a new breeder who hasn’t been discouraged, I soaked up everyone’s tips for later! :heart: