Trying to ID babies for a second year in a row from the same BEL Mom

This is my second time with the same Mom Bamboo /Lesser pastel and Dad Firefly Clown. I made a post last year with pictures of the babies and here we go again these babies look nothing like last years. We think mom also has GHI and Leopard. She has only ever been with the Dad so no retained sperm.

Baby 1 Bamboo Super pastel Fire maybe GHI.

Baby 2 pastel leopard lesser maybe fire.

Baby 3 Bamboo GHI

Tiny Tim was thought to be dead in the egg more than half the yolk was still there and the smallest baby I have ever seen. He is eating on his own! So Super Pastel Fire has to be leopard with that pattern is it bamboo or lesser? Let me know what you guys think you can also look at the post from last year if you want to see how different those kids looked. THANKS for your help.


I know nothing about morphs and all the babies in this year’s clutch are super nice but Tiny Tim is the absolute sweetest cutest little baby bp I think I have ever seen!

I’m going to check out last year’s babies now!

Congratulations @richcent! :+1::blush:


Yep! If I didn’t know those 2 clutches had the same parents, I would say they didn’t have the same parents! Lol! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

However I bet someone will chime in with some answers for you……. I wonder if Tiny Tim will always stay smaller than normal…… :thinking:


Tiny Tim is spicy and a good eater for being half the size of his brothers and sisters. Being born so small and possible under developed, I’m not sure what his future hold but I will make sure it’s the best. It’s crazy how different last years babies and this year’s babies are so different.


Amen to the difference @richcent! I can’t wait to see what someone else with experience thinks about this.

As far as little Tiny Tim goes, I know you will do the very best for him. I did not think about him being possibly underdeveloped. I’m just thankful that he is eating and feisty! I definitely hope you keep us posted on all the babies but especially him! :pray:


Gorgeous babies!
I think Tiny Tim looks more bamboo to me.

I had the same problem with a teeny baby as you did. The whole clutch was 55-59gr hatchlings… Except for one who weighed in at 27. Unabsorbed yolk and like… fleshy gross stuff in her egg. She took a bit to get eating tho.
She is still so much smaller than her siblings but doing good at 1 yr so far. Hope Tim does well!


Thanks for the well wishes. I’m stuck I look at Tim and I see Bamboo then I look again and think what is that even. Thanks for your input it verifies that I’m not crazy.

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Tiny Tim is adorable and I also agree that he has Bamboo in him, it looks like the coloring that Bamboo throws. I love Bamboo.