Turtles Trait Updates [DONE]

Under the turtle category where the traits are listed, all of the genes are marked as ‘Other’ trait type. It’s safe to say that albino and caramel pink albino are recessive traits and from what I’ve researched leucistic and hypo are also recessive. I’ve had trouble finding any information about any other morphs.

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Albino (Clark) - recessive
Albino (Clive) - recessive
Caramel Pink - recessive
Charcoal - recessive
Hypo - recessive
Leucistic - recessive
Golden Leucistic - recessive
Caramel - recessive
Lime Green Albino - recessive
Translucent Hypo - recessive

Golden Flame - inc dom

Pastel - other (incubation)
Clown - other (incubation)
Black /Hypermelanistic - other (incubation)
Piebald - other (unconfirmed genetic)
Snow = Caramel + Albino

This is what I’ve got so far

Left to work out:

  • calico
  • camouflage
  • cinnamon
  • cream leucistic albino
  • emerald
  • high colored
  • high orange
  • lemon yellow albino
  • melanistic
  • platinum
  • shell-less
  • sunburst
  • wide striped
  • yellow
  • giant
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A few more

Lubino - hybino combined with albino
Black pearl - uncertain if this is drastically different than charcoal, but they don’t look identical.
Blizzard - a combination of albino and charcoal.