Ugly ball python combos?

What combos do you guys think are ugly? I personally love all combos each in their own way but sometimes I see combos where it just looks muddled has no distinct pattern at all. Just want your guy’s input!

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Hmmm good question.

I’m the same way there’s not a lot I don’t like.

One general thing I’m not wild on is mixing bright and dark colors. I like combos that make brights even brighter or make darks even darker if that makes sense.

Pastave/pastave hypo is a little underwhelming for me. But it’s not “ugly” I don’t think.


I think a lot of champagne combos, especially ones with a lot of genes, are underwhelming, and perhaps don’t look as nice as a normal champagne. Some champagne combos are cool though, such as champagne leopard, champagne enchi, champagne ghi and gray matter.


I agree I REALLY like a lot of the champagne hypo (Mimosa) combos out there tho. Mimosa ghi’s are :fire:


I personally don’t like the bright yellows, I like white in pieds, just nothing bright yellow. That’s probably why all of mine are ghi and black pastel combos lol


Eh, not a big fan of Carmels n ultramels. Don’t like that mustardy dull color.

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Not into pure white bels etc


@kiltsnake WHAT?! You crazy man! :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought the BELs were really cool when they first came out, but now I just see them as a genetic dead end.

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I dont like any were the pattern is faded and miss match and washed out colour

But for me the worst stand alone morph is the calico I just dont get it at all think the high whit blushing on the sides is just pure ugly lol

What is desirable and attractive about that i have no idear

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I like what it does in combos but alone not great agree

Thing about humans we all have our own taste , I personally like high contrast,pattern bold coloured morphs ,probly why clown,leopard pied combos are my fav

Compared to something like this it’s a no brainier at the same price

Don’t get me wrong all lovely animals just not for me

I dislike combos that combine Pastel with any of the “dark” genes e.g., BlkPastel, BlackHead, Cinny, HRA, Mahogany, etc. The conflicting palettes just makes for muddy, ugly snakes.

I also agree with the aforementioned Champ and its combos, they all just look kind of ‘bleh’ to me


I’ve seen a lot of clown morphs that make me question if I should get off the site for awhile or not :woman_shrugging:


If you don’t love everything clown then yes GET OUT :no_mouth::joy:


Some of them do look ugly, I can’t help it. :sob::sob::sob:


I notice a lot of clowns fade out so badly that by the time they’re fully grown their pattern is so reduced you can’t see it. But then some of them stay really sharp and look amazing. I think it’s a matter of how good the starting line parents are and what morphs go into it. Blade clowns look really nice imo


To be fair I have not seen a ton of adults so O was not aware of that

As far as I’m concerned, that’s a problem with most BP morphs in general. They look great as babies but don’t look like much as adults. There are a few exceptions, such as desert ghost and calico.