Unexpected Clutch Id Help

Hi all, I’ve recently had a clutch hatch and could do with a second opinion on on morphs,

The clutch was unexpected as I purchased the mum (mojave spider) without knowing she had been paired, the previous owner had paired her with a super enchi pinstripe and a banana pastel pinstripe.

I thinking bumble bee for the first one, the second one has got me questioning myself though, I know it’s spider pinstripe but is there pastel or mojave aswell.

What do you guys and gals think.


No clue, beautiful snakes

first one is bumble bee
second looks to be mojave spider pinstripe. better pics and lighting would help

Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help


Here’s a pic I’ve just taken outside in natural light.


Beautiful snakes, but I’m curious…

You said you were not aware that she was paired before purchasing her but know exactly what she was paired with?

I’m assuming you contacted the seller in regards to what she was paired with after she laid…? Sorry, was confused for a second.

I hope they find good homes! :blush:

Hi, yes I contacted the previous owner and they told me what she had been with and even had photos of the locks,