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That’s wonderful news!! It is such an amazing gesture of love and hope, Travis. We continue to have you and your wife and all the others in this situation in our prayers!


Amazing to hear! Hoping everything goes off without a hitch. Can’t wait for the update when your wife goes in for hers when that time eventually comes!


That’s wonderful news!!

Does this mean we get to send you “get well soon” care packages? :rofl:


I am so happy for both of you. This is completely a miracle. I really hope that this works out!


Maybe we should…


Amen @t_h_wyman! What a wonderful gesture of selflessness, courage and the greatest of all, LOVE! You have a big wonderful MM family here and abroad supporting you! You are blessed beyond measure. :heart::pray:


Not sure any of you all have my address for that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Dude I’m so happy to hear this I’m tearing up. I will be sending you guys my best kidney vibes!

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I do because it was on the return address for Bagel :rofl:


Awesome news!!! Sending positive vibes your way.
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Got word yesterday that the surgery date for me is scheduled for 16Aug. I have [another] full day of testing on 2Aug and a pre-surgery COVID test on 11Aug

Not a bad way to turn 46


Best of luck! Hoping the best for all involved!


I’m so thankful that things are moving along! Continuing to pray for you, your wife, and everyone involved!


Absolutely fantabulous news I am so thrilled for the both of you!

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Likely last update until I go in for surgery (unless something happens to delay)

Had my pre-op meeting with the surgeon yesterday. He has an impressive track record - was at Hopkins being mentored by the duo that originated the laparoscopic nephrectomy technique. So he has literally been there since day one on the procedure

I also learned that I am a mutant. Whereas most normal people have one or maybe two arteries connecting to each kidney, I have three connecting to my left and four connecting to my right. He did warn me that this might result in a scrub for this potential donation surgery if the recipient team surgeon does not think they can work with a triple feed kidney, but he will not know that until both teams have a discussion sometime next week. So we just have to wait and see there

My recipient is not local but is only just up in PA so transport should be fairly easy, or so I was told. I know nothing about my recipient beyond that

I am scheduled to be checked in to the hospital on the evening of the 15th as the surgery will likely start bright and early the morning of the 16th. And then, assuming everything is normal, I should be home late evening of the 17th

So there is the lay of the land. Hopefully in twelve days I will dropping by to say “Catch you on the other side!”


Thanks for the update. I’m so glad that things are continuing to proceed.

How interesting! I suspect that most of us have something atypical in our bodies, though we often don’t find out what that something is. I am curious to know if the extra connections are a beneficial mutation, negative, or neutral.

Best of the best of luck! I’ve got a note on my calendar to say an extra prayer for all concerned on the 15th, 16th, and beyond. See you on the other side!


I don’t think you have come this far @t_h_wyman to be stopped in your tracks now. I think doctors present the worst scenario just in case.

You are presenting such a selfless act of love that will affect more people than you will ever know! What a beautiful gesture! :pray: Prayers will go up the 16th am


Last pre-surgery update for me as I will be off the grid for a bit here

Last pre-surgery tests were done on Friday and all is set to go forward. I arrive at the hospital 05:30 Wednesday morning with surgery scheduled to begin 07:30. The surgery is scheduled for 4-5 hours followed by three hours in recovery before I get moved to a room for the night. Assuming I feel well enough, I will be discharged Thursday afternoon/evening. And then 2-4 weeks or so recovery before I get back to work.

Since I really only tend to log in here while I am at work I will likely be MIA for a bit. I will definitely check in with @owalreptiles and/or @eaglereptiles and/or @john on Thursday or Friday to update on how I am

So… Until I am back to darken the doorway here… Thank you all again for the support and kindness and for being just awesome people. Keep having fun with your herps and the discussions here and I will see you when I see you



Wish you the best sir and looking forward to hearing from you later this week.


Best of luck and a quick recovery to you, sir!