Weird dream reptiles

Who else has dream reptiles that basically no one has heard of or that are virtually unavailable in captivity? Two of my dream reptiles are Gowidon longirostris and Cophotis ceylanica. Gowidon longirostris are unimaginably rare in captivity, though I have seen a pair for sale before, they come from the outback and are just really beautiful little agamas, and Cophotis ceylanica are also very rare, but are more common that the Gowidon longirostris. They come from montane regions of Sri Lanka and need it a lot cooler than a lot of other lizards. Their scales also look like leaves, which just looks so cool. Please tell me your weird dream reptiles in the comments.


Interesting dream animals. My dream animals are kinda mundane. Long story short, I lived near Adana Turkiye for 3 years in the mid 80s and caught a lot of tortoises and agamas. I’d really like to have some of those from that area again, kinda recapture the childhood memories that way. As far as rare dream animals, If I could have ANYTHING I’d want earless monitors and chinese alligators.


Xenodon werneri this is my holy grail.

Aside from that, and much closer to home I wish I could have an eastern indigo. I have very precious memories of finding them over the years with my dad and I find them to be an infinitely gorgeous and intelligent animal. Alas, they are illegal in my state.


Oh my god! That snake is beautiful! Now I want it.


An Alligator. lol

Edit: My real weird dream reptile is possibly a mang mountain pit viperProtobothrops mangshanensis - Wikipedia


Copperhead or a variable bush viper! Due to me not being super interested in venomous snakes aside from reading and gaining as much knowledge as I can on them, but that goes for every snake lol :joy:.

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For me the obvious eastern indigo that is practically unavailable in the United Kingdom.


I have no clue if you can actually acquire these or not and I wouldn’t actually want one, but I thought it was interesting and figured I would share it. These green blooded skinks are found in New Guinea and the Solomon island and have Lime green blood, weird.


Not exactly super rare? But all are either quite expensive or not commonly bred in captivity.

Xenopeltis unicolor is one I want the most! Still one of my favorite snakes, was the first snake I really dug into when first getting into herpetology and reptile keeping.

Leiopython albertisii; uncommon as far as I can tell.

Simalia boeleni, can you tell I like iridescent snakes yet? :joy:

All of these snakes as far as I can find are hard to find captive bred, and for good reason as they’re either very secretive in the wild or threatened/endangered.

Interesting dream animals!
We have gowidon :slight_smile:


A eyelash vile is always something I have wanted! Only reason I haven’t gotten into hot snakes is because I just don’t trust myself enough to be careful with them lol. But as I would see these animals on documentaries and they just mesmerized me.

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I found another one. Trachyboa boulengeri, the northern eyelash boa. They’re a semi aquatic species in the family Tropidophiidae. They are not a true boa, but are a very fascinating species.


I think I’m cool pet would be a crocodile monitor is huge and looks cuddly


Speckled rattler is definitely mine.

Bel phase Lace Monitor would be great!

Gaboon Viper and an Anaconda

Caiman lizards look like a rainbow in the face I like the size too.