Weird Stuff You've Said as a Keeper- Quotes Out of Context

“Ooh a new cork log! You baked it, right?”

“Finnley. Why did you make a poo bigger than the dog’s poo. She is 13 pounds. YOU are TWO.”

“Oh don’t put the ice cream in that drawer, that’s the frozen rat drawer.”


Walking through Walmart with my husband
Me: “… and then I asked him if he could send me an updated picture of the balls”
Husband: “Did he?”
Me: “yea, and one of them was a lot smaller than I thought”

random older lady; “y’all need jesus”



Omg that’s hilarious. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


This happed to me yesterday but in a different light.

So I have a privacy screen protector on my phone because it makes being in my phone for long periods of time easier on my eyes.

So I am sitting in the library and on a phone call, I am talking about breeding and pairs and stuff. So the one sided conversation that this lady heard was.


Me to my friend on the other side of the phone: I really need to get myself a big girl. Something over 6 1/2 feet.

Mr Slim Shady needs himself a big girl.

This boa can be 6 1/2 maybe more when he gets full grown.

Man, I am going to enjoy breeding and getting to see the babies.

Oh right, I forgot about the baby goop fluid. You said that gets everywhere, right? And it has an odd smell?

I will have to make sure I clean it up before my mom comes home and smells it.


My friend and I talked for a few more minutes and he had to go so we got off the phone.

No lie…I went to get up and a staff member of the library asked me why would I be having a conversation of that nature in a children’s library. I had no idea but she was recording me talking in the phone because she was going to report me and get my library access revoked. So I explained what I was talking about and she ended up laughing and letting me keep my library access.

What do you think of that @akmorphs?


That’s one that will go down in the annals of time Riley! Way to go wanna be boa baby breeder! :joy:


And yes…I completely forgot to say feet when taking about Slim’s length. That is what just made it sound worse lol :joy:.