Western Hognose - anaconda

Just curious if this is new or not, but why is the trait tag for anaconda just “conda”

I wasn’t sure if this is a new change, but it makes the naming convention of “AA”, “AAA” now incorrect if the name is displayed as conda as opposed to anaconda.



because we just don’t seem to like the name :rofl:

But really, I think there are 2 main reasons- 1. Our hobby is lazy when it comes to writing words so it has just been naturally shortened and 2. This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-J21-f4upU&t=339s


The Anaconda name causes a lot of confusion, I rarely hear anyone call condas “Anaconda” anymore. I’m also not really seeing how using the short form “conda” suddenly makes AAs & AAAs incorrect. The morph is still technically “Anaconda” and folks working with hognoses know that.

Personal opinion, but I actually really can’t stand some of the lazy morph & combo abbreviations like AA, AAA, PPA (I know that’s not a conda type, but it’s the same convention), etc. They’re even more confusing than conda/Anaconda, especially for people just getting into the hobby.


If the morph is technically anaconda, it should be listed as such on the traits tab. This would keep things consistent. What about the folks that don’t work with hognoses? We don’t want it to be an exclusivity thing that people unaware are confused. It just makes sense.

I mean… they can be, but then you look at the traits listed, and see arctic albino anaconda and it clicks and makes sense. If anything this just supports my main point, that the trait should be listed as anaconda, and not the shorthand of “conda”

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To even further my point. This has been a relatively recent change. This post has a screenshot from a listing showing the trait as “anaconda” not “conda” so why change it? “More like this” function [5707]

If you look at the first image in that post, the trait was anaconda as of October 2023

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Consistency doesn’t mean anything if it adds to confusion, and in this case, continuing to call it Anaconda doesn’t make sense. Anaconda is a morph named after an entirely different species of snake. That alone causes serious confusion, which is why the “conda” shorthand came into use in the first place. You’re more likely to hear this pattern referred to as “conda” among the hobby versus Anaconda. The video clip Logan included is quite important here.


I don’t have access to youtube on my current device, nor do I use it anymore (personal reasons, sorry) so i’m not sure what clip he linked. Please take a look at the post i referenced above. This isn’t like some niche thing I’m trying to come after to get them to change it.

you could argue a lot of morph names for many species are “confusing”. I’m not arguing for that at all. i’m arguing for consistency, and changes that occur without any real reason or notification as to why.

the trait tag was anaconda until sometime between October 2023 and now, why change it after years of it benig anaconda?

lets change raven ball pythons to something else, named after an entirely different animal. Spiders too while we’re at it. Zebra, panther, leopard? etc. I’m not arguing for that.

again, sorry if i’m missing context due to not being able to see Logans video, but I fail to understand why we should use a shorthand version of the gene for the actual trait tag. that’s all I’m trying to get a understanding/explanation of.


also another comment just to add- I’m sorry if I’m coming across as overly combative. Stressful day at work leads to comments sounding more charged than they are intended. I hope you understand @noodlehaus

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No worries, I understand, I’m trying to make it clear because there’s some misunderstanding and nuance to all of this! I’ll take the time and write down what is said in the video by Snake Discovery that Logan posted:

Emily: “Next we’re going to talk about the Anaconda morph in Hognose snakes, and this is not only a confusing morph, but it has a confusing name, too. The “Anaconda” morph gives hognoses a pattern change, not a color change, and the pattern change is basically instead of having a bunch of smaller spots like the wild the wild type hogs do, they have fewer but larger spots or splotches down their body. It’s called the Anaconda morph because they kind of look like an Anaconda supposedly, but, I mean, if you think about it… This is a real Anaconda [Here Emily is holding up an Anaconda] and in my opinion they don’t quite look like the snake. Yeah some of the spots are kinda similar, but there’s so many other things that real Anacondas have in their pattern that “Anaconda phase” hognoses just don’t. So it’s kind of a misleading term in our opinion.”

Ed: Yeah, I mean I can understand how he got - how the person got to the point with the bigger spotses that are kind of separating and whatnot, but if you look at the belly, y’know, it’s not even close to similar. There’s more pattern, so…They’re not green…"

Emily; “So we along with other breeders are trying to nix the whole “Anaconda” morph and instead just call it the “Conda” morph for hognoses. Make it a whole different term altogether.”

Essentially, they’re trying to separate the hognose morph from the Anaconda imagery because it causes confusion. A lot of people who aren’t super familiar with snakes or hognoses will know what an Anaconda is, but when you try to explain an Anaconda hognose, it just doesn’t really compute. Thus moving away from the nomenclature that invokes a whole other species.


There are four A morphs, so the AA and AAA thing pretty much can get scrapped at this point lol


We change this because:

  1. The system sometimes confused the Hognose trait with the species… which could get messy.

  2. People asked for it.