What could be at play in this ball python?

Hello, recently picked up this little girl from a friend’s recently hatched clutch, she bought a Gravid female that produced her and her clutchmates, supposedly the breeder that she picked up the mom from said the pairing was 1.0 fire clown x 0.1 fire.

I am still new to the hobby, but from what I can tell so far is that I don’t really see fire nor have I seen a normal that looks like her. We have been getting mixed answers, some think just normal, others have said black back, and some can’t even say what is possibly there but looks like something is in play here.

There are a few key features that I feel make her unique and tell me if I am wrong.

  1. The dot stamp on the top of her head.
  2. The clown like patches she has randomly placed around her body.
  3. And the weird dorsal pattern she has.
  4. She has two dots on both sides by her nose.

(Top 2 images fresh out of her 3rd shed)

Could she just be a Dinker? And will need to prove her out and see what is at play here?

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Probably just a unique looking normal het clown, I don’t really think there’s anything worth proving out


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Nice normal het clown!
Seen a lot look like this here in the uk :blush:

I’ll also add I’ve seen a lot like this that aren’t het for anything as well. They just vary a lot! :grin:


Very nice Blackback. Nothing genetic usually but make fabulous dark adults.

This animal is what is commonly called a “Classic Jungle”. They have never proven to be heritable and are most often attributed to incubation effects