What do you think of the Discourse software?

Clearly I have just begun setting this up. There is a lot of functionality here, but I hope that you think it’s pretty sweet as well.

If you want to see some examples of mature discuss communities, check out:

Guys, would you look at these outrageously beautiful forums built off Discourse?!?!


Read about trust levels, which explain how more features and abilities are unlocked as a user essentially gains reputation within the system.

I do expect to receive some pushback. Some in the community can be slow to adopt new things, and Discourse is quite different than previous forum software. I think there is a learning curve to using it which will frustrate some people.

What do you guys think so far?

I’ll try to check things out later on, but my first reaction is I actually love it. My biggest issue so far has been figure out where the forum part actually was. Categories doesn’t say forum to me. I’d just call it forum lol. I’m not sure how well the hashtag system will work, but in concept I like the idea.


I have added a new help document which should help users ramp up on how to use discourse:


Just got invited and checking it out via mobile. Still learning the navigation but it’s looking pretty cool so far!

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@asplundii you’ve spent a lot of time on vB I’ll bet. Interested to see what you think of this software once you’ve had some time to play around with it.

Right now the only thing I have is what OWAl already said:

I am also having a small quirk where the cursor does not show up in reply boxes and if I select a word or a block of text in a reply box it does not actually highlight to show it is selected. Given I am on my work system and it has some constraints place on it that my home system does not I am not sure if that is a peculiarity to here or if it will be universal. Was going to wait until I got home and checked but since you asked I figured I would mention it now

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If you click “Categories” then I think you’ll see what you expect. You can change this as your default home page. We could make this default for everyone, but it’s been stated this view is only better for brand new users, and once you’re accustomed the Latest view is generally better.

Let me know when you test the other problem later. Thanks.

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Yeah, I am slowly figuring it out, it is just not the typical vB format that at this point is muscle memory so getting used to it is taking a bit. Not a steep learing curve, just a new one

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on this topic, i notice on my desktop, categories and latest are shown on the same page, where mobile its just the categories. so categories wins on desktop. and you can change the default view in settings, I did. So would it make more sense to make the default cater to the new comer? and once you get the feel for it you can change it in your settings if you wish?

The highlighting issue persists on my personal computer. In Chrome, and Firefox. Maybe it has something to do with the black background… ???

@asplundii I think I follow what you are saying, but I have not seen this problem myself. I am using Chrome.

So you are saying, you click reply, you can type some stuff in, and then if you highlight what you have typed, you cannot see any highlighting? The highlighted portion should show up as blue background.

Like this:

Matt I think you are probably right that we should make it default for newcomers.

Here’s a recipe I’m thinking of applying:

Basically, Categories is default, but clicking on the Logo (ie go to home) goes to Latest. This way everyone sees Categories at least once, but navigation will lead you back to Latest. Also people can change their default like you said.

How does that sound?

The Categories view does show both Cats and Latest Topics, but just Cats on mobile due to space. So it’s not a matter of “winning”, that’s just what the Cat view looks like depending on the device.

Correct. It does not show up as blue for me. It does not show up at all. I click/dragged over the exact same area in your text and this is how it looks on my computer:

The little ‘Quote’ box pops up but I see no highlighting

@asplundii let’s take this over to the Discourse forums. I have opened a bug there, feel free to provide more comments if I missed anything.

I read that increasing trust levels increases daily “likes”, but I didn’t find a base number. I did get a warning from the site that I’ve almost run out of “likes” to give today. It seems so strange to limit ‘likes’ at all - what kind of bot-driven things could go wrong over ‘liking’ a post? O_o
People have shared a lot of beautiful images and I will likely always have trouble limiting my ‘likes’ x_x
#FirstWorldProblems, though =) Thanks for setting this up, @john! It’s another great resource for the community :fireworks:

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I looked it up each user has an allowance of 50 likes per day, but that increases as you mentioned at higher TL’s.

I can only imagine that making likes “scarcer” makes them more significant, but I didn’t yet find any official word on that.

Thanks for looking into it!!