What does everybody use for record keeping?

ReptileBuddy, its a free app, it’s updated regularly and it lets you customize certain parts of the app for your personal needs!

About how much do these softwares cost?

$20-$30 and up…reptiscan can be found in the apple istore or probably most other app stores on other devices. Works great, just be sure to set up as early as possible or that first time logging everything in will be very time consuming depending on how much info you choose to enter.

Is it a monthly or one-time fee?

There is a new software being produced called Husbandry.Pro. You can look it up on FB, but I thought about trying it when they release the full product.

I might end up getting reptiware in a few months. Does anybody know if it’s just a software that you can only use on one computer or if it’s cloud saved and you can login to the website on any computer or device and use it?

I don’t have a huge collection, under 10 snakes and one crested gecko, and I love iherp. I think it might be not super convenient for larger collections, but for my number of animals, it’s perfect.

It’s a downloadable software that runs off of an active license (similar to say Adobe Photoshop) from what I can find it looks like it’s only available for PC and cannot be accessed on other devices

I use a simple spreadsheet via Google sheets. Each snake gets their own sheet. I’ve been thinkin about attaching a QR code to the m so I can just scan them but I haven’t gotten around to it just yet.

I used to work with snake keeper,
But due circumstances I don’t use it anymore.

Now I use Reptile scan.
But also takes notes on paper.

I use one called Pawprint. Based on the name obviously it caters to fur animals more. But it’s great for tracking feeding and weight and vet records. Not so much for breeding or more advanced things

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I’m still on notebooks and paper. Stone Age tech :slight_smile:

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I switched to Reptile Buddy a few months back and it’s been so convenient. I love it!