What is my ball python

I was sold this ball python and was told that it was a orangedream pastel fire ,does it look like that’s what it would be.

Add images here

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If you don’t trust the seller, either for their honesty or their experience, why are you buying from them?

Not judging, just asking. I mean, maybe it’s just a really good deal, maybe you feel like you’re getting the snake out of a bad place, maybe you’re just trying to help out some new blood by tossing some first business to them, ok I get that, been in all those places myself. But do you know, cause that might keep you out of a bad deal.

Is this a done deal already, or are you looking for a second opinion as backup?

Because, honestly, I’d want better pics. That said, based on those pics, I’d be willing to give it a tentative “eh, ok, I might could see that…”

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You’ll definitely want better photos that are clear , good natural lighting, and not being held to a better idea. Also if you the pairing history that’s helpful.


A good way to get awesome photos for iding can be found here.

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Looks like Pastel OD Fire to me although the colors looks washed out. Could be the photos, lighting, my monitor, or all of the above. Disclaimer: I’m relatively new to the hobby.