What is your favorite species/type of Gecko?

I know geckos are one of the reptile groups I thought I would never have interest in pet wise (although I do like the geico gecko day geck species) but ever since I found out recently thanks to this forum about that L.williamsi geck (electric blue geck) I’ve taken an interest in them. It seems I like some gecks afterall who knew (although most gecks still don’t interest me outside of an appreciation for them as a living creature). Maybe at some point I will find a python/boa species that catches my interest pet wise like the L williamsi did :thinking: (I kinda already like the Brazilian/Columbian rainbow boas although still not enough to be pet interest level).

I was wondering what ppl’s fav gecko species is and why?


I myself am a huge fan of the tokay! There spicy!


Crested Gecko hands down.
I also love Fat tails though… But IF I was made to
Choose… Cresties! :heart_eyes:

We do love William the williamsi though who you’re talking about :wink:


Mine would be Cresties!

I just love their variation. Although I have found an interest in other geckos, just none that’s pet worthy… Yet :grin:


Ya I dunno why ones like William and the Geico gecko interest me while more well known ones like cresties, gargoyle, leopard, fat-tails, etc dont. I guess I’m a bit weird.

I figured since your a crestie breeder they would be your fav. I mean work with what you love right. Why are they called crested anyway??

I hope I can have a similar thing happen for me with pythons/boas. Just find that 1 or 2 species that really kick it off for me. I also hope to get my 1st ever herp either this yr or next (uromastyx either geyri or ornata is what I decided on…they just barely beat out Corn snakes due to diet–easier to get greens then rodents).


I just hope to get my 1st herp soon (either this yr or next). I still feel like I dont belong here much on account of not having any herps.

I wonder since geckos dont really have eyelids if they do something similar to snakes when they wanna sleep and such.


Just because you don’t own a herp, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on here!

It’s a great place to learn about all sorts of things and research before you buy is very important.

I love watching Cresties lick the water off their eyes, it’s so cool. I also love how the pupils (not sure if that is right) expands so much in darkness and when they are hunting :grin:


My favorite are Uroplatus, the Madagascar leaf-tailed geckos. My favorite species of the that I have owned is the Mossy Leaf-Tail (sikorae), because of the color and because they were my first. The size of fimbriatus is pretty cool though, and lineatus have a unique look.


They remind me of lil puppy dog eyes :heart_eyes:


Yep its the pupils. They expand in animal eyes in darkness to let in more of what little light there is left to help see. Conversely they shrink in bright light so the eyes aren’t overwhelmed by all the incoming light. If you have ever had a sudden transition from a dark/dim place to a real bright one you notice how at first its almost blinding until your eyes adjust and shrink the pupil size accordingly.

The pupil is the dark part that lets light in, the iris is the colored ring that we refer to when we say blue eyes, green eyes etc and in human eyes anyway the white part is the sclera (might have spelled it wrong).


Oh my goodness dude, I’m having the same ‘problem!’ I’m seeing and learning new stuff all the time on the forum, and it just makes me want to branch out in all kind of crazy directions!

I have a ton of leopard geckos (for a pet owner), and I have for over 20 years, and honestly they never get old! It really shocked me how strong their personalities and differences are, as I was initially expecting a non-interactive display pet.

I only have one other species of gecko, an African fat-tailed gecko, and my AFT is also a tiny little gem! Both species are pretty easily handled safely and very personable, as well as pretty hardy & fairly long-lived. They’re also compatible with the temperatures I have in my apartment, which isn’t air-conditioned and can get high in the summer. So, thus far, my experience has been limited to Eublepharidae geckos (I think I spelled that right), and I’ve enjoyed having them greatly!

I’m definitely interested in keeping other types of geckos, especially those that aren’t super risky or impossible to directly handle. There’s nothing at all wrong with display-only animals, I just know I would have trouble adjusting to the totally different way of dealing with health issues just because of my dog/cat vet background, which is generally very hands-on.

I’m definitely looking forward to keeping some other species after I move (this time I’m going to try my best to find a place that either has AC or can be well-managed with a window AC unit or something). I’d really like to have a cave gecko, and at least one arboreal gecko species (I’m a little bit obsessed with Satanic Leaf-tails- aside from the admittedly very metal :metal: name, they are like little dragons made of leaves!). And that’s not even getting into the non-gecko species I want to keep! :blush:

I don’t actually know much about tokays, other than that they are famously grumpy. Since I am also often quite grumpy, maybe me & tokays would get along? :upside_down_face:

You definitely belong! It’s a sign of your commitment that you are taking the time to research and familiarize yourself with the hobby beforehand.

Years ago, there was an ad for a reptile-related item (I believe it was a supplement), and it was a parody of engagement ring ads. It had the silhouette of a crested gecko, and the caption ‘a diamond can’t lick its eyeballs.’ I loved that ad! I wasn’t able to find it online, but it’s one of my fave print ads I’ve ever seen!


Thanks for the mojo boost. I think for me since I have always had a love of biology (including physiology anatomy and such) for animals across the board whether its something like a dog or cat or other mammal or a bird or a herp/invert and have always had somewhat of a scientific mind it kinda lended itself to a greater love of nature. Plus the thirst for knowledge us humans tend to feel for things that catch our interest.

Plus since the dog is the one and only animal species I have had direct experience and contact with my entire life after 30+ yrs it kinda helped make me wanna branch out. Canines will always be my favorite animal group of all time but I need more than just woof style company. Plus I think I will need something to see me through when my dog passes of old age in a few yrs (she hit 13 this yr). I just want to have another piece of nature’s art in addition to the dog. I wonder if the herp will teach me lessons of spirit the way my dogs all have. All my dogs have fed my spirit lessons nobody else did. They taught me to appreciate going for a nice hike (as well as teaching baby me to walk) and to enjoy nature/the outdoors. My current dog Angel taught me to be more social/comfy in my own skin and has netted me friends and offers from ppl.

I wonder if I will find anymore geckos that catch my interest.

That ad sounds funny. Now I’m picturing a diamond carved like an eye sort of set in a ring.


My favorite I own is my leopard. But that’s mostly due to personality. The one I’m looking forward to most getting down the road is the viper geckos though


Viper gecko…I’ve never heard of that before. At least I don’t think I’ve heard of it. I’ll look it up.

African fat tails seem to look similar to leopard geckos for some reason to me kinda. I wonder if they are closely related to each other :thinking:.

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OMG I love doggies, do you have a pic?

I’m an animal lover!

My dog died a few years back, then my Crestie not long after. I was heart broken, but they lived happy lives. I didn’t want another dog as I wanted my dog, plus it turned out I’m also allergic.

I had a few months with no pets, my husband still has his snakes and have my 1 goldfish in the garden.

I couldn’t function without a more hands-on pet. So I decided to get some Cresties again, then I decided I’m going to breed them and the snakes (for fun). Now I have 12 Cresties in which I will be looking breed :crossed_fingers: and we got our first set of ball python eggs a few days ago.

I will always love dogs first, but my dog can’t be replaced.

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I am pretty rusty on taxonomy, but leos & AFTs both belong to Eublepharidae, which I think is either a Family or sub-Family. If I’m remembering correctly, you can refer to the group as ‘eye-lidded’ geckos.


I posted pics in the non-reptile pets thread. You can find my 13 yr old husky girl on post #58 I believe. Her name is Angel. And I share the sentiment…when Angel goes over Rainbow Bridge I don’t think another dog is gonna do it for a lil while (though I’ve always had 1 in the fam and will still likely have another). Theres just something unique about Angel that I don’t think another dog can quite match…might share a story or two sometime. I know shes gonna leave me within the next few years as shes 13 now and well into her senior stretch.

I just hope I will have something to help me pull through when she does go. I’m already significantly crippled by severe depression and anxiety as it is now and Angel is what gets me through the episodes for the most part. Dogs/Wolves are my favorite animal species of all time both in the Mammal specific and overall animal categories.

I hope I will have a beautiful Uromastyx or two to take care of and see me through when doggy goes “night-night” for the last time.


I have seen the pics, very cute.

I agree, no dog will ever be the same. Keira was MY dog and she got me through some rough patches.

My husband doesn’t want another dog, I will do… But for now reptiles are perfect for me

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I really like the look of the male Williams Blue cave geckos, because of that bright blue colour.

I also love the look of chinese cave geckos, they look like the leopard gecko’s emo sibling lol.

Not sure if I would ever own either of them, but I like the way they look.