What morph is this boa


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We would need clearer photos of the boa and also the sides, and try to use better lighting. I personally think it looks like an Aztec from what I can see now.

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Dried Banana Fruit Boa markings :innocent: nom nom

@lumpy is right, we will need clearer pictures… This should help… Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help

One of these guys will likely be able to help identify :blush:
@westridge @thebeardedherper

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Or it’s in Inka

its Inca maybe with something else

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@eaglereptiles here’s 2 more pics

It looks an Inca but @thebeardedherper works with aztec and Inca I’m pretty sure

It does have an Inca look, but it could just be a circle back ladder tail.

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My guess wild type CA of some sort. The circle back ladder tail phenotype is somewhat prevalent with those localities.

If you could, if it’s not too much of a hassle, can you try to get an all white background like a breeders profile shot?